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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Loading screens display tips and in most occasions player's location.
Following your girlfriend through various laboratories in the story prologue.
The complex is under attack by an unknown enemy... zoom in on the aim for better stability.
Taking on the couple of attackers from behind the cover, hence the third-person perspective.
You can fire without exposing yourself, but it won't be precise.
What may seem like end game is in fact just the beginning.
Main title after the prologue mission.
When reading emails, the camera isn't fixed to your computer and allows you to check the surroundings.
Your choices will shape events which in turn will shape the story.
Sarif industries where you work as a chief of security.
World's oldest profession... the one on the right is an undercover cop, though.
With social enhancer you can read people's reactions and physique more openly.
Inside the police station.
At the Detroit P.D. morgue, trying to talk your way into obtaining the dead hacker's brain chip.
You can check local news to read about recent events.
Always check the room before blindly rushing in just to start a firefight.
Damsel in distress, asking for your help.
On a business trip to China.
Check the small alleys for any hidden shafts and entrances to otherwise guarded areas.
Talking to Tong, owner of The Hive nightclub.
Help those in need, if not out of goodness of your heart, then to gain more experience points.
Hacking changed from previous two games... you no longer require hacking tools, just a skill level that is high enough.
Weapon selection wheel.
Taking out an enemy soldier without a silencer can be a bad decision.
Greatly outnumbered... but they don't know where you are so element of surprise is your best ally.
A high story view of Montreal.
Entering the news station... but where are all the reporters... this smells like trouble.
Boss fights are much harder than fighting regular enemy, so be prepared.
There seems to be riot on the streets of Detroit.
Upgrade the augmentations to your preference as you won't be able to get them all.
When lost, check your map, it is pretty straight forward.
Jensen's apartment comes with automated curtains that open when you return home.
Seeing through walls.
Some walls can be broken through.
Close combat kill move.
You can attach suppressor to almost any firearm.
This gramophone record seems to contain the soundtrack of the original Deus Ex.
Jensen's inventory... mm, no literature, only weapons.
With a proper upgrade, you can literally fall from any height.
Selecting difficulty level
The future is a place of lots of cybernetic implants
Riding an elevator
Bullet's can't break through this glass
The intruders easily took out the guards
You can spot an Eidos HQ building in the city, but only in cutscenes
Heading to China
Check the rooms for enemies before entering
Down in the sewers
Close up on Adam Jensen, the protagonist

Windows version

Title screen
Loading Screen
Introduction in Sarif Industries Laboratory. Indoor office and lab-like environments are really well-done in this game
Adam Jensen's apartment
Sniping from the ceiling
This one had his brain hacked...
Head shot? Try and find out!.. Shooting out of cover gives you this interesting perspective
Your first major mission in the game: infiltrating FEMA facility. This guy looks quite strong...
Gang headquarters
Punk Dancers
Sarif Industries building and metro
Hacking screen
LIMB clinic
Dialog with a friend
Hundreds of hidden passages
Menu - Inventory
Menu - Augmentations
Menu - Map
Wall breaking
First boss of the game (probably a bit too close)...
Ahh, the lovely streets of Detroit! Cool magnetic monorail, dysfunctional cars, cozy street signs, interesting buildings...
This representative of the oldest profession has succumbed to some nicotine abuse. She also doesn't seem to appreciate my new crossbow
The joy of Deus Ex - go into people's apartments, and have some fun. Sorry, I didn't kill this guy. I did shoot this energy thing right now, though
Introducing the cover system: elegant, fluent, and presenting the best of both worlds - old-school FPSs and modern tactical shooters
This is your ride! It's not interactive, but still... nice to have
Here you can view all the notes, ebooks, emails, etc. you've discovered. And there are quite a lot of those!..
Dear diary...
Hengsha: there is a city above the city...
Hengsha: a street in the lower city
Riding an elevator to the upper city
Warning: If you can read this, you're too close
A nightclub in Hengsha! Come for the drinks, stay for all those multicolored quest pointers. Thankfully, you can remove them
Hengsha is undeniably one of the coolest locations in the history of videogames. Take a break from your mission, watch a local cook skillfully frying noodles!..
The game's boss battles are controversial gameplay-wise - but they sure look cool! Nice area in Montreal to fight a maniacal augmented Russian lady in
As per Deus Ex tradition, you can read futuristic newspapers and follow the latest news
Alice Gardens, a key indoor location in Hengsha. I don't like it, so I shoot up from my newest semi-heavy gun. Sorry, my Mommy told me I've got some issues
Hengsha subway! Remember New York subway from the original Deus Ex? This one is more colorful, but strangely empty... By the way, the red Chinese characters say "wake up"!..
Poor people set up dwelling right in the sewers. Just take a look at all this detail. House shoes near the bed, unfinished dinner, and even a mahjong table on the left!..
Another day, another boss battle! Again, the location is interesting, what with the creepy somewhat-animated corpses and all
Tradition above all - like in the previous Deus Ex games, there is a basketball court here! I just tried a shot... Well, let's just say that I'm not Isiah Thomas
Detroit Convention Center. People engage in interesting conversations between themselves
Yes, I turned on those faucets. And yes, this futuristic grenade you see is mine. What now? Still unimpressed by this cool setup in the toilet?..
Wow, now this looks cool. You can opt to shoot this way, but the accuracy will suffer somewhat
One of the game's several "social battles": choose the right attitude to convince the other person. These are quite complex and anything but easy. They may affect the direction of the plot
This harbor looks interesting, what with the imposing structures, the cute noodle menu, and the flying machines
You are now looking at the game's final main location, more mysterious and almost creepy. There's still quite a lot of game ahead
Yes, you can do that. Take your heaviest gun and shoot an innocent patient. Kids, don't try this at home!..
Flags of different countries, a burning truck below them, and some effects from the grenade I just threw. Symbolic, isn't it?
Nearing the game's end. Nice view of the icy ocean. Crazy workers are attacking me with their bare hands!..

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