Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Copy protection.
Tracy at HQ.
Crime Lab.
Squad room.
Pulled over a crook.
Grilling a crook for info.
Crime scene - a bank robbery is happening!
Crime scene - Run, Tracy, run!
Crime scene - Aha! A clue!
Crime scene - A fingerprint!
Crime scene - You can examine the sewers below the building.
Back on the street.
Club Ritz
Things went too far in grilling and the crook got mad and ordered his thugs to spray me down with bullets!
The garage.
Rogues' gallery.
Checking the files - the way to save the game.
Visiting Tess Trueheart.
Number's Hideout.
Confronting Numbers.
The Chief.
Solved a case!
Top Ten List.

DOS version

Copy protection
Menu. The choices are at the bottom right
OK, will do
Starting to drive
Squad room.
Calling Dick Tracy!
Arriving at a crime scene.
Found the victim of a mugging.
Aha! Found a finger print!
The garage.
Pulling over a crook.
Okay, talk!
Rogues' gallery.
Near the docks.
Club Ritz.
Inside Club Ritz.
Excuse me, you haven't seen any suspicious characters around have you?
Talking to Breathless.
At the diner.
Climbing up a ladder.
Running on the top of a building.
The Chief!
Talking to the Kid.
Save your game.