Die Hard 2: Die Harder Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Die Hard 2 Title
Main title screen
High Scores
Main menu
Copy protection
Mission briefing
Firefight in luggage hall
Grenade flash
Level completed
You get bonus points after level is completed
It's an ambush
Don't shoot little girls
Fight against mercenaries
Outside at the airport
General's plane
Snowmobile firefight
Fight at the wing of an airplane.
Target range

Atari ST version

Grandslam logo.
Die Hard 2 Title.
Main title screen.
High Scores.
Main menu.
Target range.
Mission briefing.
Firefight in luggage hall.

Commodore 64 version

Target Range
Stage 1
One of the enemies left a gun behind
The security guard isn't even paying attention to the situation
Stage 2
Get the med-kit to increase your health
Stage 3
A person runs around like a lunatic
Stage 4
Stage 5
High Scores

DOS version

Title screen.
Shooting at pasteboard targets in the training range.
Stage 1: Luggage Center. Destroying terrorists and suitcases.
Stage 2: Airport Annexe. What the hell are girls with red balloons doing in a restricted area?
Stage 2 bosses: painters have to die!
Stage 3: Runway. Decimating the US terrorist population.
Stage 4: Snowmobile Chase. More terrorists and exceptionally badly zoomed trees.
Main menu (VGA).
Title screen 1 (VGA).
The target range features destructible surfaces. Before... (VGA).
and after (VGA).
Title screen 2 (EGA).
Shooting range (EGA).