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Let's all sing Elvis Presley's “Viva Las Vegas” PlayStation Katakis | カタキス (39615)

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PlayStation 12 3.3
Windows 8 3.7
Combined User Score 20 3.4

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WindowsGame Vortex (2000)
Stellar! I love everything about this game! There are three styles of play in Die Hard Trilogy 2: 3rd-person Action/Adventure mode, Sharpshooting mode, and Extreme Driving mode, all of which can be played in either an Arcade mode or a Movie mode with cut-scenes. My favorite mini-game is the 3rd-person mode. I get the same feeling playing this game as I do when playing Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation game console...complete SWEETNESS! It's way too difficult to explain, but as John McClane, you will be venturing through the levels, pickin' up weapons and kickin' some major ass. Yippie-Ki-Yay!!!
PlayStationGame Vortex (2000)
All in all, Fox's latest offering is a MUST for any Die Hard fan, and highly recommended for gamers looking for something with lots of variety. Die Hard Trilogy 2 is a vast improvement over the previous Die Hard game, so do yourself a favor and pick it up. Good stuff.
WindowsPower Unlimited (May, 2000)
De PC-versie van DHT 2 ziet er prima uit en zal elke PC-gamer aanspreken. De graphics zijn strak en vooral de ontploffingen een lust voor het oog. Jammer dat die stomme samples even hinderlijk zijnals op de PSX.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Dec 10, 2000)
Die Hard Trilogy 2 does feel a bit like a rehash, but it still delivers a lot of bang for the buck.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (May, 2000)
Het is N-Space goed gelukt om drie games op één schijfje te proppen en de mogelijkheden van de PSX ten volle te benutten. De game is dan ook vette fun, hoewel er natuurlijk van elke gamemode betere games te krijgen zijn. Zorg wel dat er een gun is aangesloten, anders is er geen reet aan.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Apr, 2000)
I dare say that if you loved the original Die Hard game then this will probably be right up your street. Gameplay is very similar, slight improvement graphically, but overall more of the same. The only real let down is the driving game, which plays like a lump of lard.
PlayStationPSM (Apr, 2000)
Overall, DHT2 is a solid, though not mind-blowing, multi-genre experience that does a good job at putting you in John McClane's shoes (and tank top). If you're looking for a fun action game that's not too deep, and you can forgive its rough spots, you won't go wrong here.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Although it the formula worked well in the original Die Hard Trilogy, the three-in-one game approach could use some script-doctoring in this uninspired sequel. Sound familiar?
WindowsAll Game Guide (2007)
You'll go out with a bang in Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas if you learn to overcome some of the problems. It's no piece of cake but it's pretty fair in general. Those fans of the action-oriented genre and those who dig the movie series are going to give this one a whirl, while those who are just casual action game enthusiasts could at least get a closer look before they Die Hard. And no, there's no Elvis Presley end boss.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2000)
Lekker hersenloos knallen. Spijtig genoeg zijn er veel betere games in dit genre dan Die Hard Trilogy 2...
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Apr, 2000)
DHT 2 är ett helt okej actionspel som bjuder på lättsam underhållning. Det har dock inte hänt mycket med spelet sedan sist. Den enda egentliga nyheten är att de olika spelstilarna knyts samman med en riktig handling, vilken presenteras med filmsekvenser. Komiskt nog lider denna uppföljare av samma brister som föregångaren. Tills nästa gång hoppas jag på lite fler nyheter. DHT 2 rekommenderas till alla som gillar arkadaction av den "gamla goda" sorten.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (Mar 20, 2000)
Overall the game was just barely average. The best thing that could be done would to be to lose the "Trilogy" part of the name, fix the slowdowns in the sharp-shooting part and make it a pure shooter game. Unfortunately that's not what happened, and in the end the game is nothing to get excited about. If you're bored and have $30 burning a hole in your pocket, then pick up a copy; otherwise you’re better off leaving this one on the shelf and waiting for something else to come along. After all, your gonna need all that money you have to buy Diablo II, Team Fortress 2, and all those other goodies that come out at the end of the year.
WindowsGameSpy (Feb 24, 2000)
Die Hard Trilogy 2 is a fun game but lacks originality with a vengeance. The graphics are a let down and ultimately the game is nothing but a quick PC port of a mediocre PlayStation game. A good rental and nothing more.
PlayStationGameSpot (Mar 02, 2000)
While it doesn't stack up well when compared with the original game, Die Hard Trilogy 2 does manage to outclass recent like-minded titles like EA's Tomorrow Never Dies, and it provides a nice fix for those who own PlayStation light guns. It may be a better rental than a purchase, but those not expecting a lot out of the game may find themselves pleasantly surprised.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Sep, 2000)
Enfin, si vous n'êtes pas trop exigeant sur la qualité et que vous cherchez avant tout à flinguer dans tous les sens sans vous prendre la tête, alors Die Hard devrait offrir un dérivatif suffisant à vos envies de meurtre.
PlayStationVideo Games (Mar, 2000)
Nachdem der erste Teil seinerzeit wenigstens noch durch die Verknüpfung mehrerer Spielprinzipien überzeugen konnte, zeigen sich im Nachfolger bereits noch mehr Ermüdungserscheinungen. Es wurde weder in technischer Hinsicht noch in Bezug auf das relativ simpel gestrickte Gameplay viel verbessert. Im Gegenteil – was haben sich die Entwickler bloß dabei gedacht, einen klassischen Lightgun-Modus zu integrieren, ohne dabei die so geliebten Lichtpistolen zu unterstützen? Ansonsten nerven die grässlichen Clipping-Fehler im Adventure-Part und die durch Pop-Ups stark eingeschränkte Sicht in den Verfolgungsjagden. Nicht empfehlenswert!
WindowsImperium Gier (Aug 01, 2000)
Plusy:Trzy w jednym Fajne cut-scenki Yppie-ki-yay!!! Minusy:Kwadratowe postacie Brak realizmu w trybie samochodowym Mała Al. Przeciwnika Bardziej przypomina grę konsolową Nie ma możliwości wykonywania prostych funkcji, np. skakanie, czołganie, turlanie...
PlayStationMega Fun (Mar, 2000)
Ehrlich gesagt enttäuscht mich der zweite Teil der Trilogie. Habe ich das Prequel noch mit Begeisterung gezockt, lässt der Nachfolger einige Fragen unbeantwortet. Zum einen blieben die gestellten Aufgaben nahezu identisch. Wieso legte man nicht beispielsweise mehr Wert darauf, sich auf einen Schwerpunkt, etwa den Action-Adventure-Part, zu konzentrieren? Zum anderen wirkt die technische Umsetzung im ausgehenden PlayStation-Zeitalter extrem veraltet. Durchsichtige Wände, liebloses Leveldesign, vor allem im PKW-Verfolgungslevel kommen Fragen über Fragen auf. Zwar bietet der zweite Teil der Trilogie einen netten Genre-Mix, der es jedoch nicht schafft, längerfristig zu motivieren. Bruce Willis hätte keine Freude an diesem Game!
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (May 16, 2000)
Als men het bij het on-rails gedeelte had gehouden, had dit game makkelijk in de tachtig gescoord. Nu wordt het de dieperik in getrokken door het crash-race onderdeel (what's in a name?).
PlayStationAll Game Guide (2007)
Overall, playing this title brings back fond memories of the three Die Hard movies. Those new to the PlayStation will want to add this game to their collection simply because of the variety in play mechanics, but those who already own the original Die Hard Trilogy will likely be disappointed that more wasn't added.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Mar 22, 2000)
When you divide your energies between three different efforts, the end result generally proves to be one of mediocrity. Fortunately, this is not the case with Die Hard Trilogy 2, although it is unquestionably afflicted with its share of problems. The lack of a cohesive save system and its subsequently near-endless repetition mar what is an otherwise highly playable and engaging jaunt into the mile-a-minute world that is John McClane. While this action-packed title may appeal to fans of a variety of genres, those with little patience need not apply.
WindowsIGN (Mar 16, 2000)
The saving grace of DHT2 is the shooter game, which is a nice mix of Virtua Cop and Time Crisis, something rarely seen on the PC. It may be simple, but it's done nicely, and with a mouse it plays like a dream (if not a little too easy). Nearly everything on the screen can be shot, blown up, or broken in some way by bullets, even down to tiny details like the plates and glasses in the reception hall of the prison. The addition of being able to toss grenades at enemies while you're firing may not always be helpful, but it's certainly fun, and a nice addition to the shooter genre. The graphics come across a lot better than the other segments, and the camera work really lends a cinematic feel to what should have been a cinematic game.
WindowsRealGamer (Benelux) (May, 2000)
Alhoewel ik toch aardig wat uurtjes met het eerste deel heb doorgebracht zal dat met dit deel zeker niet lukken. Fox Interactive moest zich schamen! Ze hadden beter een recente film uit kunnen kiezen dan werd deze game tenminste wel wat meer verkocht. Eigenlijk ben ik alleen positief over de AI, hoewel deze ook niet erg bijzonder meer is voor deze tijd. Erg jammer allemaal.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Bruce, hast du das Spiel schon mal gesehen? Hast du für so was wirklich deinen Namen hergegeben? Große Knobeleien erwarte ich ja bei einem solchen Titel nicht. Aber sollten meine Herausforderung tatsächlich senile Terroristen sein, die mir zwar zeigen, dass sie im Kunstturnen in der Schule eine Drei plus bekamen, ansonsten aber dumm herumstehen? Da ist es kein Wunder, dass ich als Action-Star eine gute Figur machen. Der Shooter-Modus macht zwar kurzzeitig Spaß, ist aber allenfalls Moorhuhn-Konkurrenz. Am besten ist da noch die Auto-Verfolgungsjagd, die trotz der schlichten Grafik für Kurzweil sorgt.
PlayStationGamers' Republic (Apr, 2000)
What drag the game into mediocrity are the countless flaws that overshadow the successes. Flaws like the suffocating fog that obscures enemies. And the stiff, clumsy control of your character. And the lifeless visuals. And the mechanical gameplay that can't sustain its simplistic appeal. Add all this up and you're stuck with an anticipated sequel that never quite reaches take-off speed.
PlayStationPSX Extreme (Mar 14, 2000)
So there you have it, I guess the theory about sequels not getting enough attention is true. But that can be changed in a few days when Syphon Filter 2 is reviewed by me us. Nevertheless, Fox and N-Space need to lock themselves in a room and play DHT2, so they suffer from what we suffered from. Now I have to go to the toilet and....urgghhh!
50 (Apr 19, 2000)
Enfin, dernier mode qui aurait pu sauver le jeu, le mode action à la première personne. Il est certainement le meilleur mode de tous mais il n'arrive pas lui non plus à déclencher chez le joueur moyen la moindre réaction d'enthousiasme. Ennemis similaires, armes mal faites, niveaux soporifiques... Pire certains bugs gâchent le jeu. Exemple, à certains moments, la caméra tourne et rencontre le mur, passant à travers et montrant tous les ennemis à venir dans le couloir d'à côté... Bravo le suspense ! :)
PlayStationPrivat Computer PC (2000)
Teknisk er det præcist det samme spil som det første, men på alle andre områder er det dårligere. Jeg kan umiddelbart ikke komme på nogen overbevisende grund til at spendere penge på denne udgivelse.
WindowsGameSpot (Mar 23, 2000)
The promise of three games for the price of one is appealing. Yet the notion of getting one profoundly awful game, one regular-awful game, and one just slightly awful game for the price of one decent product shouldn't appeal to anyone. Each of Die Hard Trilogy's subgames has been done better in stand-alone products that are currently available at bargain-bin prices, making your choice clear: Avoid Die Hard Trilogy 2 with a vengeance.
PlayStationgames xtreme (Jul 12, 2000)
Well the shooting stage is good but very easy, the driving and walking parts are god damn awful, but the shooting game isn’t good enough to justify buying it. For 16.99 you could buy the 1st die-hard rather than this ‘cash in’ which has just been thrown together to make money. This will probably sell by the Bucket Load, as it’s a based on a movie.
PlayStationIGN (Mar 02, 2000)
I tried to enjoy Die Hard Trilogy 2, I really did, but there's really nothing to enjoy. It tries to be equal parts Rad Racer, Virtua Cop, and Syphon Filter, and fails at all three. I know it's tempting to pick up this game because of the tie-in to the great action flicks, but the only action you'll find here is the amazing amount of times you yawn while in mid-gunfight or car chase.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Apr, 2000)
John McClane må vara en hårdkokt kille, men om man har problem med att gå rakt fram och och vrida om dörrhandtag tycker jag definitivt att man ska lägga alla grymma pistoler och bomber åt sidan. Bäst av allt vore om han slutade att försöka rädda Las Vegas från de livsfarliga terroristerna och åkte tillbaka till sin sunkiga lya och drog något gammalt över sig. Då skulle vi i alla fall slippa se honom.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (2007)
Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas is disappointing, expecting another slightly above average Arcade romp through multiple forms of action gaming I was surprised to find an ultimately unenjoyable sequel
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Apr 10, 2000)
And there's something to be said for the blatantly mindless action that Die Hard Trilogy 2 devoutly worships. The problem is that pure action games are a dime a dozen on the PC, and it's a shame that Fox Interactive didn't bother to make this sequel anything more than a second-thought port over of the PlayStation version. With a sharper engine and more developed gameplay, this could have been a game worthy of a whole slew of new Die Hard movie sequels. As it is, though, it dies pretty easily.
PlayStationGamekult (Sep 18, 2000)
Fox Interactive se paye le luxe d'imaginer une nouvelle aventure au héros de Piège de Cristal, 58 minutes pour vivre et Une journée en enfer, et reprend tous les ingrédients du premier Die Hard Trilogy, pour le meilleur (l'alternance de trois types de jeu)... et pour le pire ! Réalisation dépassée, innovation proche du néant, ergonomie douteuse, Die Hard Trilogy 2 ne réussit pas à s'imposer comme son prédécesseur. Un jeu vite fait, mal fait, à la réalisation préhistorique qui anéantit les éléments qui auraient pu faire du jeu un divertissement décent.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Mar, 2000)
Finally, we come to the driving game. The first DHT featured easy to learn, forgiving controls that helped you speed through all the New York City traffic. In many ways, it was a worthy predecessor to the excellent game Driver. On the other hand, the driving segment of Die Hard Trilogy 2 is unbelievably bad. Basically, you drive through the Arizona desert, running over cartoon cows in a car with the turning radius of the Exxon Valdez. Whoever designed this part of the game should be sent to prison...and not one of those cushy casino-prisons either.
Windowsincite PC Gaming (Jun, 2000)
The Die Hard franchise should have taken the cue from the movies and passed away a long time ago.