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Die Hard Trilogy Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main Title
Game Selection
DH1 - Title
DH1 - Arrived at the garage
DH1 - McClane has been shot
DH1 - Free the hostages
DH1 - Two hostages killed in action
DH1 - Hostage escaping via the stairs
DH1 - Let's steal one of those fancy bikes
DH1 - A bomb has been triggered
DH1 - Walking through the reception area
DH1 - More terrorists arrive in a nearby elevator
DH2 - Title
DH2 - Everything seems to be in order
DH2 - Who hired this chicken?
DH2 - The red arrow indicates that there is a terrorist to your left
DH2 - Now inside Dulles Airport
DH2 - Your vision gets warped if you are shot
DH3 - Title
DH3 - Driving around the streets of New York
DH3 - A bomb is approaching the cab
DH3 - Watch the bomb explode from the air
DH3 - New York blows up
DH3 - You can change vehicles at any time if you decide you want an upgrade
DH3 - Chasing a bomb car
DH3 - An EMS helps you get through heavy traffic and leads you to the next bomb
DH3 - Driving through Central Park
Name Entry
High Scores

Windows version

Title screen of first DH game.
Typical third person shoot'em up.
Guy was sucked in by a hungry asphalt road.
Boom! Headshot!
Die Harder: outside of Dulles airport.
Inside of Dulles airport, lot of things to break here.
As in any other rail shooters killing innocent people won't be tolerated.
Bad guys approaching.
This indicates, that John didn't succeed on his mission.
Yes, you can run over pedestrians here.
Cars moving very slow here.
Atom bomb explosion on the horizon and fresh blood tracks on asphalt. Postmodern in other words.