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DOS version

Title screen
Low, Brink and Robbins in the opening sequence
Boston can use this aptly named "PenUltimate" to communicate with his friends
Conversation topics are displayed as the three astronauts start a seemingly mundane scientific task...
Some of these items are going to be indispensable...
One of the pre-rendered animations early in the game. What is happening?..
A cutscene showing the flight towards the mysterious planet
The trio's arrival on Cocytus
One of the first locations you'll explore on the planet surface. Looks like it's just a wreck...
One of the first puzzles involves fixing a misplaced lens to restore energy to the Nexus, the game's hub area
The team encounters their first ghost
Maggie Robbins goes off to explore on her own after a tragic accident happens. This location is the Nexus, the game's main hub
Bird's eye view of a central location - you'll visit it fairly early in the game, but its secret will remain unsolved for a very long time...
One of the many strange devices Low deals with in a puzzle early in the game
All aboard! Next stop, the first spire!
A magnificent tram ride! Most major areas ("spires") in this game are connected by this exotic underwater sphere-like vehicle
Oh, what a cute creature...
The famous "bones puzzle" - possibly the hardest in the game. Don't be ashamed if you'll need a walkthrough for this one!..
Wee! Riding a wave to get to the other side! I always wanted to do that
Detail of a tablet found in the museum
Underwater journey! Let's see what lies ahead...
Planetarium Tram Station. You are putting away your tusk. Err... that last part sounded a bit strange
Probably the least exotic location in the game - it almost feels as if we were home... Boston tries to do something with that rod
An example of text feedback when you interact with objects. This is the Command Center, from where trams are controlled
You travel up to the mountains. Your friend Brink is busy doing something... I wonder what that is
More caves, more panels - it can't be denied there is a certain monotony in this game. On the other side, the somewhat "deadly" style is consistent all the way through
You'll even need to adjust and align planets in this game! Or are those just images?..
You'll have to build several light bridges through such devices. The more of them you find, the harder the corresponding puzzles become
You'll have to study and match those shapes found on various colored rods a lot. And believe me, this is probably the easiest puzzle in this game
Gorgeous effects in a mysterious ancient tomb
A dialogue with Maggie, who stays in this strange library for much of the game. Yeah, Boston, say something profound... I bet she'll be impressed!
More purple, and more awesome views. You have now discovered the Tomb Sphere
Crystal puzzle - you'll need to "revive" that black crystal
Boston challenges the perception that only Jesus could resurrect the dead. As you'll see, the whole story of the game carries a clear philosophical and even religious message
Discovered another cavern beneath the Museum Spire. Demonstrating how items are used in the game (just as an example - this is not a puzzle solution!)
A breathtaking view in the Museum Spire. Purple is a color you'll encounter a lot - it's fittingly mysterious and exotic, indeed
Can you even see where Boston is?! Such views impart well the monumental, majestic style of the game
To complete our purple collection, how about these beautiful caverns?
The inventory is superimposed on the playing area
The apparition of another ghost
Maggie needs some help here!
Ludger Brink in an awkward position
Brink has lost it
Boston Low and Maggie converse with the alien inventor late in the game

Windows version

LucasArts logo
Main Title
It all starts as yet another peaceful day at a deep space observatory, and then the sound of alert breaks the silence
Meeting the team of a specially trained people that will go on a mission to try and save the Earth from a collision with an asteroid
The regular F5 key brings in the game's menu
Low uses his communicator to talk to members of his crew that are not in his vicinity
After nuclear explosions made the necessary holes, it's time to explore the belly of the beast
Due to the presence of apparent alien technology, the away team soon finds themselves stranded on an unknown planet and well out of range for any communication with the Earth
First appearance of an alien ghost will trigger many strange ideas in the minds of our heroes
Boston Low, the commander of the team, figuring out some alien devices
When "Open 'o Sesame" doesn't work, it's time for a different approach
You will travel a lot using underwater tram railway until you find a faster across islands
Commander Low is always ready to ponder on situation from an optimistic point of view
Inside an alien museum
Finding Maggie who seemed to end up trapping herself, just a little shy to admit that
Using alien life crystals on Brink will bring someone back to life for sure
When the water is clear out of any monsters, it's good time to check for any underground caverns
Agreeing with Commander Low, this alien place is full of nice views
Stay with the sound of waves, Low, and you'll find your way across
Fixing the lightbridges will provide you with much faster way of traveling across islands
Blue crystal puzzle that once solved will provide the energy for the tram system
This game will require a lot of digging (hm, perhaps hence the title) that many times you'll ask yourself what would happen if you haven't took the shovel with you
Talking to Brink who seems to have lost it ever after the revival session
For a team member who's been awarded with zero credits for ideas, Commander Low seems to be able to solve all of given alien puzzles
Map room, lets you see places by inputting their coordinates on the panel
Boston figuring out the secrets of a hidden tomb
With a forced help of Brink, Boston is pondering the thought of how to save Maggie from the gigantic spider
Sometimes, you can search certain area only after you've been given hints about them, otherwise, they're just another scenery to admire
Maggie might be asking an impossible from Boston, but time will tell
Boston having a bit of a trouble with one of the guard dogs... maybe if lightbridge can be turned off for a moment, hm
Boston Low's PDA has a game.
Maggie Robbins.
Boston Low.
Moving around asteroid.
Nuke explosion on asteroid surface.
Your first puzzle.
Grave digging.
Trying to open door with these weird symbols.
Room with a nice view.
Alien power source.
The shuttle
Reaching the asteroid
Leaving the site before the explosion
Welcome to the new world
Exploring the unknown planet
He died on impact
Tram transport may not be the fastest, but is certainly most beautifully animated
Meeting with an alien
Choices and consequences
Nice to meet you, time to go home now

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