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atari breakout

Digi Pool Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Table selection
My first shot unfolds successfully, on a generic table layout.
Table 2 has multiple whites plus some barriers.
The greys will go.
Ricochets off the central ball
Moving grays make things harder.
The reds aren't a big problem now.
Best times so far
Remember to clear those yellows - shots which cause lots of cannons on the right aren't ideal.
The yellows may be key here.
A dog layout
Cueing into the blues.
Second attempt - note that my record is 13 shots.
The dot clusters turn the ball green.
The blue and maroon balls need changing.
Those 2 reds had better be cleared on the break.
Balls stick to the magnets.
Have to play off the cushion first.
Different colour-changes are a complication here.
High score for a complete run at the set of 12