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DinoPark Tycoon Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Main menu of the Guide to Dinosaurs
An entry in the Guide to Dinosaurs
Purchase land for your park
Buy dinos
Buy fences, concessions, and advertising for the park
Don't forget to keep your dinosaurs well-fed!
Hire employees
Keep an eye on your finances in your office
Main screen of your Dinopark

Macintosh version

Title screen
Here's where it all starts.
First you must choose a place to build your park.
It's not a real tycoon game without a screen like this.
Here you choose what land you want to buy.
You have to buy some stuff from the general store.
Fences are needed to prevent your dinos from eating the visitors.
From here you can hire or fire personnel.
The dinosaur breeder, where you buy your dinosaurs from.
Dinosaur information
Whatever your dinosaurs want for lunch, you can buy it here.
In the encyclopedia you can learn about dinosaurs.
The evolutionary tree of the dinosaurs
Find out about the dinosaurs' extinction here.
Here he is, our very first dinosaur.
Looks like we have some visitors after all. Not enough to pay our employees though.