DiRT 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (we never see the full picture, camera constantly flying around it)
Main menu
When loading a race, the game shows which event you chose and the car
Finland - rally
Before the race begins some picturesque views are typically shown
Race start menu
Vehicle setup
Easier difficulty features various assistants and the visible best trajectory
A race in Norway
This is the seasons menu. Each of 4 seasons has 4 major groups of events
Each group of events has a number of events to choose from
Finished first.
Completing various tasks and simply participating in races will make your driver's reputation go up
Higher reputation means more car and liveries proposals from various racing teams
Racing in Norway with a cockpit view is tough
Many events let you choose the class of the car
So-called landrush in Norway
Drifting in Michigan
Drifting is one of so-called DC events, and the results of such events are calculated differently
Looking back at the competition
Smelter. Heavy rain.
Smelter. Heavy rain. Jumping in a landrush car.
Kenya rally action
Buggy. You can view each of your vehicles in detail (as expected)
Racing in the snow in a buggy with a cockpit view is even tougher
Snow storm racing
One of Gymkhana challenges - smash those yellow blocks
These are missions available at your DC compound
Traiblazer races put you - a lone driver - againt the clock on a high-speed road
A multiple car crash in Monaco
When a season is beaten you are treated with a short cutscene
The races in a random event
Always outnumbered, never outgunned
Kids, don't try this at home
We even get to drive these monster cars
This game's called Dirt for a reason
Can you picture yourself racing alone at night at this speed on an unknown country road?
DC challenge (Gymkhana)
Choose between team offers before each event
A good thing about your DC compound is that you can visually damage your car anyway you want, it will drive as good as new
The green line is here so that Mario Kart players wouldn't get lost in the woods. (Eyefinity mode)
All the three mirrors are functional, not that you would have time to check them. (Eyefinity mode)