Disney Hannah Montana: DVD Game is a quiz game for one or more people/teams. The game comes in a keep case contained within a card sleeve. Inside the case is a three panel foldout which explains all the games, a couple of adverts and the DVD, Once loaded the DVD plays a series of adverts before the game's menu appears, it consists of a series of mini games grouped by the number of people required to play them, as follows;
  • Games for one player:
    • Hannah Montana Trivia Challenge: This is a series of twenty trivia questions, some are plain questions, some have a still photo and others have a short video clip from a Hannah Montana show. Answers are multiple choice and use the up/down/left/right controls on the DVD to make a selection. When a selection has been made a green tick shows if the player is correct, a red cross shows if the player is incorrect. At the end of the questions the player is given their score and offered the choice of playing another quiz or another activity

    • Pop Star: This is a single player karaoke game. There are seven songs here "Nobody's Perfect", "The Best Of Both Worlds", "If We Were A Movie", "Rock Star", "Who Said", "Life's What You Make It", "I Got Nerve". All songs are played against the same background which shows a microphone, spotlights and a shadowy crowd. The songs are just under two minutes long, they all have two lines of lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen in white and change colour as they are sung. There's no scoring here it's just for fun.

    • Dance Off: In this section Lilly teaches the player a dance sequence. There three difficulty settings, Easy has the routines for "Nobody's Perfect" and "Rock Star"; Intermediate has routines for "Old Blue Jeans", "Best Of Both Worlds", and "Who Said"; Advanced has routines for "The Other Side Of Me", Pumpin' Up The Party", "Life's What You Make It". Each dance is broken down into four sections which build into a full sequence. Lilly shows the steps for each section on-screen and follows that with the full sequence up to and including this bit, the player can watch the lesson as many times as they wish before attempting it and they can have as many tries as they wish before advancing to the next section. There is no score in this game.

    • Band Audition: Hannah & Mr Stuart are auditioning for a drummer. This game is a Simon style mini game where a sequence of drum notes is played, starting with a single note and building into a thirteen note sequence. Each of the four drums corresponds to one of the up/down/left/right arrow keys on the remote. A score of ten or more gets the player into the band

    • Seeing Stars memory Game: The player is shown nine pictures of characters from the TV show, the faces are then blanked out and presented to the player one at a time and the task is to put each picture in its correct position. When played as a single player game the player has three lives.

    • Personality Quiz: There are three quizzes in this game. Quiz One shows the player which cast character they are most like, quiz two shows the kind of rock star they will become and quiz three shows the kind of class character they are. All questions have four possible answers each of which is linked to one of the up/down/left/right arrow keys on the remote. At the end of ten questions the answer is revealed.

  • Games for two players;
      All of the single player games can be played as a two player game.
    • Hannah Montana Trivia Challenge: As with the single player game the player's play as a character from the TV show, the game then asks a question and players take turns answering it. Every five questions, if one player is in the lead, the game will announce who's ahead and who's falling behind.

    • Pop Star: This has the same songs as the single player game and plays in just the same way, it's still just for fun and there's no scoring here.

    • Dance Off: This game is also just for fun and is the same as the single player game

    • Band Audition: The only difference between this and the single player game is that players take it in turns to try and follow the sequence.

    • Seeing Stars memory Game: This is the same game as the single player game but players try to place the faces into the grid alternately. Each player has just one life and is out of the game when they make their first mistake

    • Personality Quiz: Player one chooses a quiz and answers all questions. When the result is announced player two has the option of taking a quiz, in which case they can select any of the three quizzes available, or not taking a quiz and selecting another activity.

    • Keep The Beat: This is a word game. On screen the player(s) select a game speed either slow, medium or fast. The game then provides a subject such as 'Things sold in The Surf Shop' and cuts to a screen showing an audience clapping in time with a performer on-stage to the sound of Queen's "We Will Rock You". The players are supposed to clap in time and shout out an answer alternately. Whoever misses their turn loses the game.

    • True Friends?: Each player selects a character to play as, player one then answers five questions which are then repeated for player two and a score is then given, the process is then reversed with player two answering five questions first followed by player one. The score shows how many times a question was answered the same by each player. Each question has four possible answers, a sample question is "Miley makes her dad egg & bacon for breakfast every day. What would your friend make?", possible answers being pancakes, cereal, toast or eggs

  • Games for three players
      The game menu for a three player game is exactly the same as the menu for a two player game.
    • True Friends?: This game is a game for two people so in a three player game players 1 & 2 play together, then players 2 & 3, finally players 3 & 1 pair up.

    • Keep The Beat: As before the game decides which player should start. The first time a player messes up the game is halted and that player is removed and the remaining two players continue as in a two player game.

  • Games for four or more players;
      This is the same menu as the two and three player game menus but with one new game option 'Party Play'.
    • True Friends?: This game does not play all possible permutations of pairs that can be had with four players, players 1 & 2; 2 & 3; 3 & 4 and 4 & 1 play together and that's all.

    • Party Play: There are three activities in this section plus a fourth option of 'Mix It Up!. Games are played by two teams, 'Super Fans and 'Pop Stars'. All three games share the same artwork, and play in a similar manner. The games can be 5, 10, or 15 rounds and players can have either 20, 30, or 45 seconds for their teams to guess the answer, it is expected that only the clue giver of each team to read the task shown on the screen. The countdown timer in all games is a slowly decreasing orange juice, when time runs out the task is displayed and the players are asked whether the answer was guessed or not. The game keeps score of the correct answers for both teams and announces the scores and the winner when all rounds have been played.
      • Say Whaat?: In this game players have to describe something or someone to the rest of the group without using forbidden words.

      • Hellooo Drama!: This game is played very much the same way as 'Say Whaat?', however in this game the clue giver cannot speak at all and must mime the answer,

      • Art Class: Again this is basically the same as the two preceding games but the clue giver must draw the answer for their team to guess. Paper and s pen or pencil are required for this game, they are not included in the keep case.

      • Mix It Up! uses examples from each of the other three Party Play games

The game comes in a keep case contained within a card sleeve. Inside the case is a three panel foldout which explains all the games, a couple of adverts and the DVD.


Disney Hannah Montana: DVD Game DVD Player One of the games is about to start. The two teams ate 'Super Fans' and 'Pop Stars'. The names are fixed and cannot be changed
Disney Hannah Montana: DVD Game DVD Player True Friends: An example question
Disney Hannah Montana: DVD Game DVD Player Keep The Beat: When a player makes a mistake the game master/mistress presses a button on the remote and identifies the culprit. Last player standing wins
Disney Hannah Montana: DVD Game DVD Player Seeing Stars Memory Game: This screen is shown for a short while then a single picture is shown on the left and the player has to place it correctly

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