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Disney Learning Adventure: Search for the Secret Keys Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Thunder and lightning and spooky houses seem to go together
"This might be the right house" says Mickey, but the rest of the party seems a little dismayed
"Hello-o-o-o...anybody home?"
Pluto is the only party member who can see the ghostly trio
The parlor, spiderwebs and all, welcome!
Donald gets quite aggravated when the organ keys play by themselves
Play the missing (faded) notes using the color-coded keys
Thisis Quakey, the friendly tutorial ghost, here to explain some things about musical notation
Goofy hunts for a missing key
Hey, what kind of goof(y) makes a mess and runs off?
The books on the bottom tray need to be shelved
This is actually the dining room
A mess again! This armor can be assembled by solving equations
Re-connect pipes to stop the leak before the bucket overflows
Clyde has fun mimicking a cautious Mickey
On the first level, replace the nameplates by matching beginning letters to pictures
On the next level, replace the missing letters
On the highest level, find and replace the missing word
The bedroom is full of things that animate
Unbeknownst to Mickey, he's about to let loose a flood of bats
match up opposites to make the clock run again
Six keys, six locks, can the party go home now?
The progress chart (this player has no plumbing skills!)