Disney•Pixar Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Mission Select
First Mission
Jet Bike
Fourth Mission

PlayStation version

Title screen

Windows version

The game's title screen follows the system check and the animated introduction sequence
Each time the game is played it checks the system settings
Here's the hero! There's an animated sequence at the start of the game, which moves to a Buzz & co watching Buzz's cartoon adventures on TV
The game's menu screen. The left/right arrows select the missions/planets and the game configuration screen which is a small satellite that's off-screen on the left
The game configuration option menu. One of the game's configuration options is to redefine the key commands
Before each mission there's a mission briefing. The game has two difficulty levels, Cadet & Ranger. This is set via the game configuration options menu
This is the bad guy in the first mission. The objective is to catch him but he can only be caught at the end of the level. No point shooting him now.
Mission One and the chase is on. Buzz starts with a standard gun but others can be picked up along the way. Money can be collected along the way, it comes in the form of coloured triangles
Along the way Buzz has to face gun turrets, flying drones, gun toting robots and mines
Mission One. Up to now Buzz has not been able to fly. Here he's about to collect his wings. Later on there are surfboards and engines
Along the way Buzz is expected to save the LGM's (Little Green Men) which he naturally does by running them down
Unless the layer has read the instructions it comes as a surprise that the level is timed. The countdown starts when there's ten seconds to go
Game Over!