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A pretty decent Disney license Windows Arejarn (5047)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 8 4.1
Windows 6 4.1
Combined User Score 14 4.1

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PlayStationGameBump/Gaming Horizon (2001)
There’s no doubt that Argonaut Games has successfully created an amusing title for the Aladdin fans of the world. They’ve achieved this by carefully blending a small amount of puzzle solving and action together for an overall unique style. Although Nasira’s Revenge isn’t a bad game, it’s still a rather mediocre one at best. There’s nothing to pick at but there’s also quite literally nothing to praise. While the presentation certainly has “Aladdin” written all over it, you may be looking for a weekend rent on this one. Unless, of course, you’ve got die-hard fans or kiddies at home who simply must have their yearly Aladdin fix.
PlayStationPlaystation Illustrated (2000)
Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge will please anybody who really loves these characters, and believe me when I say it feels like major redemption for Disney after the shockingly sub-standard Dinosaur for PS and the second Lion King game, which was only average. Nasira's Revenge weighs in as an above average platforming experience, especially since we've all played the latest Spyro game by now... I've got my fingers crossed that Disney's licensed game output will take this as a stepping stone and get back to the good stuff, but give this one a try in the meantime. It's absolutely worth a rental for any Aladdin fans, and probably will please more than a few of the loyal Disney Kids out there.
WindowsGameguru Mania (Jan 03, 2001)
Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge is a 3D action arcade game, featuring nine 3D worlds. Aladdin may finally be rid of his evil nemesis Jafar, but he still has a horrible enemy in the sorcerer's sister, Nasira. Determined to avenge her brother's defeat, Nasira has banished the sultan from his own palace and now controls the city of Agrabah. Aladdin, the young street rat with the cocky smile, is back in his element - fighting cunning enemies, using the Magic Carpet to out-maneuver his pursuers in intense mid-air chases, and solving challenging puzzles
WindowsKidZone (Jun 27, 2001)
Well it feels and plays like a console conversion. The graphics are mediocre and control is a bit frustrating, but as children titles go, this one isn’t so bad.
PlayStationVideo Games (Nov, 2000)
So sehr die Red Dog-Macher von Argonaut auch hemmungslos vom 16-Bit-Vorgänger abkupferten, den Charme und die Gags dieses Meilensteins der Videospielgeschichte konnten sie nicht im Entferntesten erreichen. Dabei macht Nasiras Rache durchaus keine schlechte Jump'n'Run-Figur: Die Level sind bunt und zahlreich (22 Stück), die Aufgaben zahlreich (wenn auch meist straightforward), die Orient-Musik zum Urlaubs-Träumen anregend und die 3D-Bonus-Levels erfrischend abwechselnd. Wenn die Techniker nur nicht so schlampig gewesen wären: Solche Clipping-Fehler, Kamera-Probleme und schwammige Kollisionsabfragen, mit denen Aladdin stellenweise zu kämpfen hat, müssen ebenso wie eine Sichtweite wie zu schlimmsten N64-Zeiten anno 2K wirklich nicht mehr sein.
75 (Dec 29, 2000)
La Revanche de Nasira possède de nombreux atouts pour s'attirer les faveurs du public, avec notamment la possibilité d'incarner trois personnages différents. Le jeu bénéficie en plus d'une réalisation très correcte et d'une durée de vie particulièrement longue.
PlayStationGamezilla (Apr 26, 2001)
Aladdin: Nasira’s Revenge is a good filler game. If your wallet is as thin as mine, save your pennies for the bigger releases this year. The graphics were decent and the game had it’s challenges; however, I would recommend this as a weekend rental.
PlayStationMega Fun (Nov, 2000)
Gar nicht mal schlecht. Aladdins Abenteuer kann durchaus überzeugen, obwohl ihm die höheren Wertungsränge verwehrt bleiben. Dabei hätte man aus den guten Ansätzen noch mehr herausholen können. Ein anspruchsvolleres Level-Design mit mehr Überraschungsmomenten hätte da schon Wunder vollbracht. Zumindest ist der typische Dschini-Humor auch im Spiel erhalten geblieben, so dass ich allen Jump&Run-Fans ein Probespiel ans Herz tagen möchte.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Jan, 2001)
Argonaut har gjort ett bra jobb, och bevisat att Aladdin och hans gäng inte förtjänar att bli bortglömda än. Det är kanske inte ett spel man skulle önska sig om man hittade en lampa med en ande, men det står sig bra i konkurrensen med en kombination av Disney-gullighet och attityd.
PlayStationPSX Extreme (Mar 28, 2001)
Overall, while not a gem by any standards, Aladdin: In Nasira's Revenge is still a good platformer worthy of some recognition. The game certainly has its ups and downs, but as you can see by a solid 7.0, the ups are the winners. I must admit the game is enjoyable if not a bit short, but still a decent adventure nonetheless. With good looking graphics, some excellent voice acting and fun gameplay with quirks included, you should at least check out Nasira's Revenge by renting it.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Die Steuerung ist leider ein wenig träge, was präzise Sprünge erschwert. Außerdem fehlen echte Überraschungen.
PlayStationElectric Playground (2001)
Bearing such facts in mind, it's recommended that you merely rent, not buy Nasira's Revenge. At odds with its predecessor, this title features one too many flaws to warrant a purchase recommendation. Kids should briefly enjoy the sprightly hop and go nature of play, though adults needn't feel any nagging concerns over missing out on what should've been a high profile sequel. Tame genie at his service or no, if this is an example of where the series is headed, Aladdin's gonna have to burn wishes like a deadbeat dad to get things back on track.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Aladdin: Nasiras Rache ist zwar kurzfristig unterhaltsam, aber auf Dauer doch eher etwas für jüngere Spieler.
PlayStationGameSpot (Apr 05, 2001)
Like most 3D platformers, Nasira's Revenge has plenty of jumping, attacking, and butt-stomping. Beyond that, Aladdin also swings on ropes, throws apples from a first-person view, and slides down wires. As for the controls, they're erratic--it's often annoyingly difficult to make the easiest of platform jumps, and judging the distance to the hanging ropes can also prove to be a challenge. The sluggish camera compounds problems further, making navigating simple areas a chore at times. Throughout the course of the game, you take control of Aladdin's monkey friend, Abu, as well as Princess Jasmine. Abu lacks any offensive attacks but may double-jump off walls to reach high areas. Jasmine hides in a huge vase and stealthily navigates the level Solid Snake style. With just a few moves to learn per character, Nasira's Revenge doesn't have the gameplay depth of high-tier 3D platforming games. The moves that are included are awkward to perform or are implemented poorly.
WindowsImperium Gier (Sep 02, 2002)
Alladyn: Zemsta Nasiry to tytuł bardzo podobny do swoich poprzedników, gdzie głównym zadaniem gracza jest skakanie, walka z nieprzyjaciółmi, by ostatecznie uratować przyjaciół/królestwo/siebie (niepotrzebne skreślić). Mimo wszystko myślę, że gra jest ciekawą propozycją i zajmie dzieci na dość długi czas.
PlayStationPSM (Jun, 2001)
A well-made game that's perfect for the younger, less jaded kids and older gamers with a soft spot for most (or all) things Disney. It has enough quirks to keep it from becoming a real clincher for hardcore platform fans.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (2001)
Nasira\'s Revenge is definitely worth a look at, and will more likely appeal to those who love Croc or Crash Bandicoot. As each level is completed, the difficulty increases, and with different challenges that come up along the way, the player shouldn\'t get bored too easily.
PlayStationIGN (Mar 16, 2001)
The trouble with Aladdin and other recently released licensed 3D platforms that have been targeted for younger gamers is that they haven't necessarily been bad games -- just very generic and mediocre ones. Aladdin brings nothing new to the platform genre and isn't even in the same league as the Spyro's, Sonic's, Crash's and Mario's of the world. It's a very basic platformer that young kids that haven't played many games can enjoy because it's not overly complicated and is based on a license that is well liked. But, if you're looking for a game for your young gaming freak, he or she would be much better served if you gave them one of the aforementioned platformers, before you pick this one up. That is, unless they're demanding an Aladdin game and won't take anything else.
WindowsGamekult (Dec 17, 2000)
Une très belle adaptation du dessin animé qui retranscrit superbement l'ambiance du long métrage de Disney ! Des couleurs vives et chamarrées, des personnages impeccables et un décor très adapté font de Aladdin : la revanche de Nasira un jeu qui exploite très bien les capacités de la PlayStation. Les niveaux sont longs et variés, la durée de vie est honnête et tous les personnages du dessin animé sont présents. Tout aurait été pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes si la gestion des caméras avait été correcte. Au lieu de cela c'est la catastrophe : de très bon le jeu passe à moyen. Avis à ces messieurs développeurs.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (May, 2001)
Another day, another Disney platformer. There’s been what seems like a million of these released over the past few years, and Nasira’s Revenge doesn’t do much to distinguish itself from the pack. I rather liked the recent Emperor’s New Groove, and I can’t help but think that Nasira’s Revenge was given to the Argonaut B-squad while it had its more valued employees working on ENG and the highly-anticipated Malice for Xbox. That’s not to denigrate the work that the development team put into this title, as it is, in every way, a perfectly decent kid-oriented game. It’s just that it really doesn’t bring much to the table.
60 (Feb 28, 2001)
Un titre qui laisse un goût amer tant il semble avoir été transposé à la va vite sur ce support. Le manque de soins apportés aux graphismes est navrant alors que ce soft méritait beaucoup mieux.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Mar 23, 2001)
Aladdin Nasira's Revenge is a good platform game with solid production values that you'd expect from Disney. It sticks a bit too much to the formula and there are a couple of graphics and gameplay issues, although there are parts that really deliver some new fun, like a thrilling magic carpet ride. All in all, Aladdin Nasira's Revenge is a fun experience that's more suited to younger gamers.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (2001)
Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge was a game obviously created for younger players. The trouble is, even those tykes are going to get the sense that this title was not all it could be. If they haven't had any experience in 3D platform games, this might be a fine title to try, but if they've already been there and done that, it's time to upgrade them to one of the great games that the system has to offer.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (May, 2001)
I’m just going to turn my back and pretend I didn’t play this detestable game. Even though Argonaut hasn’t delivered a blockbuster title in…oh…six or seven years, I still respect this development house, but…well…this game is just embarrassing. Not only is the control way too sloppy, the graphics are repulsive, and none of the levels really deliver a goal or a purpose. I just ran around aimlessly collecting coins, then without notice, the stage would come to an end. Outside of the actual game, I did enjoy the bonus levels, and for some reason or another, I got a real kick out of watching Aladdin bite the big one. Actually, I felt completely refreshed, opposed to frustrated or upset, whenever Al would die. This, of course, has a significant meaning. I hate this game and I would rather commit virtual suicide than collect stupid coins. Stay away! This game is cursed!
WindowsPC Action (Jan, 2001)
Die Steuerung ist intuitiv, aber leider doch so komplex, dass Kinder überfordert sein könnten. Hauptmanko ist die mangelhafte Grafik. Außerdem vermiesten häufige Abstürze während unseres Tests den Spielspaß.