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Disney's Aladdin Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
Little Instructions
Introduction Stage 1
Stage 1
Take the Apples
Be careful with fire
A Little Apple can Destroy
Use the animal as a cannon
This is a Safety Position
Guards can lose their pants
Use the poles to reach higher areas
Time to Shop
Win Your Prizes
Abu Bonus Level
Stage 2
You Lost One Life

Game Boy version

Title Screen
The first enemy you face
Jump over the hot coals or you will lose energy
Jumping on the camel makes it spit a projectile at enemies
The lamp is a checkpoint allowing you to restart at that point when you die
Shimmy across the beams to get the fruit
These white platform break if stood on for to long
Look out for people throwing pots out of the window
These gems are hard to find
The game also supports the Super Game Boy.

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Game items
The story of level 1
Level 1 start
Avoid fire pits and guards
Climbing buildings
Level complete
The story of level 2
Level 2 start
Avoid enemies and sharp bones in the desert
I lost all my lives. Do I want to continue?
I chose not to continue

Genesis version

Title screen
The game's story follows the cartoons' tightly
Agrabah Market
The Desert
Agrabah Rooftops
Sultan's Dungeon
Cave Of Wonders
The Escape
Rug Ride
Inside The Lamp
The story continues..
Sultan's Palace
Lago at work
Jafar's Palace
In the cave, aren't the graphics great!
On the magic carpet over hot lava
Made it to Jaffar!
Stepping on flamingos in the palace
Climbing a rope

NES version

Title screen
1st level introduction screen
The battle is inevitable!
Jump, Aladdin, jump!
Aladdin looking ahead.
Climbing a rope...

Windows version

Title Screen (Large size)
Properties window
Instructions (Large size)
Story is told between levels (Large size)
Level description (Large size)
Starting the gameplay (Large size)
Aladdin is ready to fight (Large size)
Climbing the rope (Large size)
Aladdin has lost one of his lives (Large size)
Are you ready to continue (Large size)
Jafar is happy (Large size)

Official Screenshots

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  • Disney's Aladdin Screenshot
  • Disney's Aladdin Screenshot
  • Disney's Aladdin Screenshot
  • Disney's Aladdin Screenshot