Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Main menu
Preston B. Whitmore
The player changes characters using the radios, that also act as checkpoints.
A radio.
Combining items in the inventory.
Boomerang mini-game
Milo pushing a barrel to block the hot steam.
Milo climbing the stairs.
Vinny deploying some explosives.
Vinny throwing a grenade.
Audrey shooting her gun.
Audrey fixing some broken circuits.
Guns operational
Milo hanging from the ceiling and crossing a gap.
Underwater fans
Lobster enemy
Drowned Milo
Escape pod
Giant crab ship
Submarine level
Fire world
Milo killed by the lava.
Milo pushing a block to reach a higher platform.
Lava creature
Vinny fighting the lava monster.
Vinny creating an improvised bridge by collapsing a column with explosives.
More acrobatic action from Milo
Milo stopping the fire with a block.
Milo riding the floating platforms.
Milo throwing a boomerang at the yeti.
Platform puzzle
Audrey shooting stalactites to create a bridge.
Audrey shooting the robot.
Exploding robot
Audrey shooting a monster.
Ice chute
Frozen mammoth
Milo running from the mammoth.