Disney's DuckTales Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen / Main menu.
Selecting the first stage to explore.
The Transylvania stage: now, a little Treasure Chest blocks Uncle Scrooge's way...

NES version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese release)
Title screen (European release)
You can choose which stage to start.
No, there aren't gorillas in Amazon.
Scrooge jumping. Graphics are great!
Another shot taken in Amazon.
Uncle Scrooge in Transylvania...watch out those bones!
Strange things happen here...
Scrooge gets some help.
The stages are full of secret passages and hidden rooms.
Scrooge finds his nephews.
Scrooge in the African mines. Backgrounds are very detailed for a NES game.
It's cold!
Look at the size of this diamond!
It's slippery!
Scrooge goes to the moon in search of treasures.
Scrooge meets aliens.
Amazon - Giant spiders!
Amazon - Scrooge uses vines to cross a spike pit.
Entering the African mines.
Watch out for the goat!
Falling down into caverns below.
Exploring more of the ice caverns.
Robot on the moon.