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Disney's Math Quest with Aladdin Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The Genie, in the unmistakeable voice of Robin Williams, explains how to use the mouse in the game
Bizarrah, accidentally freed from her lamp by a snake
Chatting it up in the streets of Agrabah, not knowing the danger that is about to strike
There must be a way out of this dungeon!
This spider has a chisel the player can win by feeding her babies the bugs they like
Find the numbers that add up to the sums on the blue bricks
How many lemons will the player need to trade for Abu?
Genie assumes one of his many characters as he points the way
Inside a wizard's shop
Follow the logic to create a magic potion
The potion brings the player here, where he must make the correct number or moves to exit
Saving Aladdin from the vortex
This map whisks the player through the city...
...and right to this carnival tent in the desert
Looks like the player needs to earn some tickets
Some of the games that offer tickets as prizes
Use the cards at the bottom to make the sum shown
Who can be the one to use the last tangram?
Use either net to capture bugs for the first pot, but which one works for the next?
Madame fortune-teller directs the player toward a mysterious pyramid
An enraged Bizarrah makes her appearance in the fortune-teller's crystal
The spooky entrance to the pyramid
This book tells about Bizarrah's original imprisonment
The dragon head spouts flame in this pattern-finishing activity
Fond a way across by matching tiles with either shape or color in common
Approaching the final puzzle
The "rec room" offers four difficulty levels as opposed to three for the puzzles in game