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Platform Votes Score
Game Boy 7 1.8
Genesis 16 3.7
Combined User Score 23 3.1

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Genesis1UP! (Mar 03, 2006)
Les concepteurs ont de surcroît fait preuve d'imagination et de soin pour rendre le jeu, aussi bref soit-il, très agréable, et cela tourne évidemment à son avantage. On pourra y rejouer pour collecter tous les morceaux du collier et les baies, qui changent un peu la fin, mais on y reviendra surtout pour les belles scènes, voire pour le plaisir de contrôler deux personnages simultanément dans un environnement stimulant. Un test sur Internet disait de Pocahontas qu'il est le Ico de la Megadrive; la comparaison est très juste et tout à son avantage. Il mérite d'être joué, même si le film vous a laissé totalement indifférent, parce que c'est avant tout un titre bien fait et bien pensé. Et c'est grâce à ce genre de perles cachées que l'on découvre petit à petit que le retrogaming a encore de beaux jours devant lui.
GenesisMean Machines (Oct, 1996)
This won't satisfy your bloodlust, but if you're looking for something more cerebral then Pocahontas has got more to offer than just a great pair of legs.
70 (Nov 05, 2012)
Apart from Meeko, Pocahontas is just a bony little sister Disney game wearing off-the-rack. Me, I adore Meeko. Hell, I even like Roadkill in Comix Zone. More game protagonists need animal sidekicks, especially those that gambol about with podgy grace. Even Lara Croft could’ve used a flying squirrel, and it has to be an animal that can fly so it doesn’t fall to death along with her every time one’s finger slips off the walk button. Meeko adds charm and fluidity to an otherwise by the numbers and stiff box-office tie-in product. That’s the It factor. And if you don’t get it, I suggest you look for something else to play because for all her animal powers, Pocahontas herself isn’t a whole lot of fun. Luckily the game can’t be played without Meeko.
70 (May 18, 2010)
Fort d'une progression intéressante, d'un gameplay ludique et d'une ambiance qui vaut le détour, Pocahontas pèche aussi sur de nombreux aspects. Ni trop classique ni vraiment inventif, enchanteur sans être exclusivement contemplatif, pas vraiment rythmé mais pas vraiment lent non plus, Pocahontas s'impose comme une énième curiosité de la Megadrive. Qu'est-ce donc, sinon une belle mais courte promenade ?
GenesisElectric Playground (May 01, 1996)
Despite its brevity and lack of real challenge, Pocahontas is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who's a fan of the film. The game has been constructed with a craftsman's attention to the finest details and although there could have been a few more game play elements added (such as a scene where Meeko has to go around collecting as many of John Smith's proffered biscuits as he can stuff into his mouth - a truly humorous bit in the movie) there's still enough in here to interest even the most callous gamer. If, for some reason, you couldn't stand or weren't interested in the movie, then by all means, stay far away from this, too. Younger kids should get a kick out of Pocahontas but don't be surprised if they finish and shelve it a lot sooner than you'd like them to. As for me, I'm just going to sit here, try not to feel guilty and twiddle my thumbs until Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame comes out for the 32 bit systems.
With Pocahontas being a movie translation that leans more toward the younger gamer, I was expecting to breeze right through this title. Instead, I found the difficulty of the puzzles to be just right. One of the best features is the team work you have to use between the characters in order to solve the puzzles. Without this strategy element, the game would have had little to offer. This one's a worthwhile title, but is lacking when it comes to the sound and the control.
GenesisGamePro (US) (May, 1996)
Animation fans and younger players will love this gentle, slow-moving game. Lithe Pocahontas walks and swims through gorgeous pastoral settings, helping her animal friends and absorbing their powers. Easy puzzles provide the challenge, but gameplay is not as exuberant as Disney's Aladdin. Pocahontas is good Disney fun for novices.
GenesisVideo Games (Jun, 1996)
Obwohl die Spielidee genial ist, leidet Pocahontas an manchen Kinderkrankheiten. Die Steuerung verhält sich bockig und laüft an vielen Stellen nicht synchron zur Animation. Schade, denn gerade die Bewegungsphasen von Pocahontas sind sehr nett gezeichnet. Die Kollisonsabfrage, die bespielsweise beim Besteigen von Felsen und Bäumen zum Einsatz kommt, wirkt auch etwas ungenau. So passieren bei Sprüngen gerne mal Fehltritte, die unweigerlich ins Continue-Nirvana führen. Im Großen und Ganzen ist Pocahontas ein anspruchsvolles Jump‘n Run, das man in entspannter Atmosphäre spielen sollte. Noch besser ist es, wenn man den Kino-Film gesehen hat. Dann nämlich kann man die Story, die im Spiel per Zwischenscreens erklärt wird, sehr schön vergleichen.
GenesisAll Game Guide (1998)
Graphics are solid, but nowhere near as nice as other games like Aladdin or the Jungle Book. Backgrounds are surprisingly plain looking with hardly any animation and little color. Pocahontas and Meeko are well animated, but the control is slightly off. At times Pocahontas won't want to run or she doesn't always jump when you hit the button. If the game were an intense platformer, this would be very serious, but the game moves at a leisurely pace and you can't die. So the control is just a minor nuisance. As it stands, Pocahontas is a perfect game to get for little fans of the movie as their very first video game. While there are games that offer more play value, not many can say they're completely non-violent and designed for young animal lovers.
The gameplay is slow and stilted, even for a Game Boy game and after a while you'll start wondering why you aren't playing Tetris Blast instead. My advice? Stick to the 16-bit version.
Game BoyBravo Screenfun (Mar, 1997)
Ein biederes Jump&Run mit kniffligen Rätseln.
Game BoyTotal! (Germany) (Jan, 1997)
Ist ja schön und gut, daß die Jungs von THQ meinen, man könne rothäutige Schönheiten nicht allein in den Wald schicken, daß der Spieler deshalb jedoch jede Szene zweimal spielen muß, da die beiden nur einzeln steuerbar sind, geht in Sachen Fürsorgepflicht wohl eindeutig zu weit. Noch dazu muß fast pixelgenau gespielt werden, damit Hindernisse überhaupt überwunden werden können. Da bleibt nur zu sagen: Auch wenn Kritiker den Kinostreifen nicht zum Klassiker hochstilisierten, ist es schade um die wirklich schöne Story!