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    Discover the secrets of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. In this famous house of wall-to-wall creeps, Zeke Holloway must put unwelcome evil spirits to rest while trying to keep himself from being scared to death … literally. There’s no turning back now. 999 ghosts can't be wrong!

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22261) on Jun 23, 2010.
    Disney's theme park ride gets the big screen treatment this year, and TDK is following closely on its spectral trail with a PS2 tie-in.

    Cross the threshold of Disney's Haunted Mansion and prepare for a spook-laden scare-a-thon in the guise of mild-mannered caretaker Zeke. After answering an advert in the paper, the reluctant ghost hunter becomes trapped in the house from hell, armed with only a lantern to defend himself from the cadaverous occupiers lurking in every corner.

    Imbued with Disney's distinctive brand of charm and wit, The Haunted Mansion is a delightful slice of phantom-chasing action, with more than 40 different locations to explore on your ghost-capturing travels. Zeke's lantern may seem somewhat inadequate in a toe-to-sheet battle against the undead, but luckily for the unwilling adventurer it's actually a magic torchlight that can sort out errant apparitions in double-quick time. It's also possible to upgrade your lantern's properties by collecting six gems from the bosses you encounter at the end of each level.

    As you explore the Gracey Mansion you'll encounter a range of puzzles set within each of the rooms which, when solved, will restore power to that particular area. They're just the right side of taxing, and provide a nice balance to the spook-dodging action.

    • Explore over 40 different spooky locations within the mansion

    • Solve a range of puzzles set in the house's many rooms

    • Featuring voice talent from the Disney movie

    Contributed by DreinIX (10667) on Apr 14, 2008. - PlayStation 2/Xbox:
    Embarquez dans de nouvelles aventures palpitantes, une quête à la recherche de preuves sur un meurtre ressurgi du passé. Pénétrez dans le Manoir Hanté ! Juste après la guerre de Sécession, Zeke Holloway - homme à tout faire dans le manoir et héro malgré lui - se retrouve confronté à de mystérieux troubles.

    Zeke devra affronter des fantômes, libérer des âmes en peine et trouver son chemin parmi les nombreux passages secrets. Mais la mort est à ses trousses, les fantômes du manoir sont toujours à la recherche de nouveaux compagnons !

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    de Global Star Software sur PlayStation®2
    de Global Star Software sur Xbox
    Distribution mondiale.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66684) on Feb 26, 2005. - PlayStation 2/Xbox:
    The theme park attraction that hosts millions of foolish mortals each year becomes a major motion picture and video game!

    Embark on a heart-stopping, action-filled quest in search for clues of an age-old murder in The Haunted Mansion.

    Trouble has found Zeke Holloway, a reluctant hero, who has taken a job as Assistant Caretaker in the mansion.

    In this famous house of wall-to-wall creeps and hot-and-cold running chills, Zeke must put unwelcome evil spirits to rest while trying to keep himself from being scared to death…literally. But beware…the ghosts in this mansion are always looking for one more!


    Available Now
    from Global Star Software for PlayStation®2 worldwide.
    from Global Star Software for Xbox worldwide.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66684) on Feb 05, 2005. - PlayStation 2/Xbox:
    Machen Sie sich bereit für ein "unsterbliches" Erlebnis! Im offiziellen Videospiel zum gleichnamigen Kinofilm warten gruselige Abenteuer auf Sie.

    Zeke Holloway steckt in der Klemme! In der berühmten Geistervilla, in der die grausigsten Gestalten durch die Wände gehen und einem kalte Schauer über den Rücken jagen, muss Zeke übel gelaunten Geistern zur ewigen Ruhe verhelfen und dabei aufpassen, dass er nicht – buchstäblich – zu Tode erschrickt!

    Durchstöbern Sie Geistervilla, die an Disneys Kinofilm und die Freizeitpark-Attraktion angelehnt ist. Rennen, springen und kämpfen Sie, um die Villa von den bösen Geistern zu erlösen. Und lösen Sie zahlreiche Rätsel, die zu versteckten Hinweisen, Durchgängen und Geheimnissen führen. Befreien Sie die 999 gefangenen Seelen, ehe Sie selbst eine davon werden...


    Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren gemäß § 14 JuSchG.

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    29.95 €

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    Global Star Software für PlayStation 2.
    Global Star Software für Xbox.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66684) on Feb 04, 2005.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:



    Trouble has found Zeke Holloway! In the famous house of wall-to-wall creeps and hot-and-cold running chills, Zeke must put disgruntled spirits to rest while trying to keep himself from being scared to death...literally! Play as Zeke as you navigate through Disney's Haunted Mansion, with game environments inspired by the movie and the ride. There's no turning back now!

    Release the 999 trapped souls before becoming one

    Unique puzzles that uncover hidden clues, passageways and secrets unfold

    Meet and defeat ghosts as you attempt to rid the mansion of the darkness that has taken over

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69228) on Jun 13, 2004.