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SCEE Australia website - PlayStation:
    Anchor's away! Disney's latest animated adventure sets sail on PS one with a tale of swashbuckling and skulduggery. Bringing Robert Louis Stevenson's epic high seas adventure Treasure Island into the space age, Treasure Planet follows the voyages of Jim Hawkins in his quest to discover the Space Pirate Flint's legendary 'loot of a thousand worlds'. Aboard the spaceship Legacy, cut-throat pirates and infamous sea dog John Silver also seek the bounty, and will stop at nothing to get hold of the map that leads to Flint's stash. It's up to you, playing as young Jim lad, to navigate the treacherous solar seas, and bring back the booty.

    Created to coincide with the Disney animated movie, Treasure Planet features four of the film's weird and wonderful worlds, all recreated in vibrant and colourful detail. You'll be tasked with various challenges, including: locating parts with which to fix the engine of the Legacy spacecraft; firing cannons to protect the ship from a meteor shower; piloting a futuristic longboat through a crowd of marauding mutineers; and flying on a solar sail at breakneck speed.

    As you explore each world, you'll be ably assisted by Jim's bubbly friend Morph, a pink amorphous blob that has the ability to change shape. He'll help you out whenever you encounter trouble by changing into useful tools and gadgets. You can also jump on the Solar Surfer - Jim's preferred method of transport, which is a kind of skate/hoverboard crossed with a windsurfer. When you're surfing round the platforms, pull off some spectacular tricks and stunts, and you'll gain extra style points.

    Every world you navigate is divided into sublevels, with plenty of objectives to keep you occupied. Once you've completed the challenges, such as collecting gold coins and smashing up crates, you'll take on the bad guys pull some amazing stunts.

    Treasure Planet features clips from the film, which look truly stunning, and contributions from the movie's voice talent, which all adds to the atmosphere and feel of the game. Also, the gameplay is intuitive and easy to master, so it's an ideal adventure for kids. The environments are colourful and fun, and the Solar Surfer mode adds new depth to the hardy perennial third-person platform action adventure genre. So save up your doubloons matey, this is one game that's definitely worth the loot!

    • Jump on Jim's Solar Surfer and pull off some awesome tricks and moves

    • Explore four beautifully rendered worlds, all inspired by the movie

    • Take on hordes of mutinous pirates and robots in your quest to bag the booty!

    • Also available on PS one

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Jul 07, 2004.

Back of Case:

    Grab some intergalactic air!

    Space pirates. Solar Surfing. A Cyborg cook. The loot of a thousand worlds. Set sail on the RLS Legacy galleon on the greatest treasure hunt of all times. Confront mutiny, betrayal, black holes and deadly space storms.

    The hunt is on.

    All-star cast from the film.

    Beware of pirate-infested galaxies.

    Solar Surfing. The new extreme sport.

    Man's best friend - shape-shifting pal, Morph.

    Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and other DVD extras.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69258) on Sep 22, 2003.