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Do! Run Run Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The loading screen.
The title screen.
The high scores screen.
Beginning of the game.
The platform is filled with small dots.
Connect the line together and the dots turn into cherries.
Draw another line across the cherries and they will turn into oranges.
Collect the letters for bonuses that appear occasionally. You have to form the word 'EXTRA'.
Oranges can be turned into lemons by drawing a line around them.
If you walk closely to the log it will start rolling down! It will kill all enemies (you too!) in its path.
A lemon can be turned into a pine apple if you draw a line around it.
Throw the ball at your monster enemies to kill them.
One enemy carries a letter. To get that letter you have to kill that enemy by throwing your ball at him.
These monsters are killed.
A new level with a new lay out.
More monsters will appear when the game progresses.

Arcade version

Title screen
First scene
Alpha-monster carrying a letter and his three blue henchmen
Firing the powerball at a monster awards 500 points
While smashing a monster with a rolling log earns 1000 points
Gruesome 8-bit death with Mr. Do leaving only his burnt skeleton (this was taken out of the Japanese version)
Title screen for the Japanese version - Super Pierrot
Super Pierrot was released in 1987 (three years after the original)
Gameplay in Super Pierrot remains the same but the graphics are a bit different
Mr. Do has a bigger sprite in Super Pierrot
(Super Pierrot) Shooting the powerball
(Super Pierrot) Collecting all 5 letters that spell EXTRA earns the player an extra life

MSX version

Title screen
Player Select screen
Connect the line...
and the surrounded area turns into cherries
Collect the letter coin and an enemy holding a letter appears
Now try to the enemy holding the letter and all other enemies too!
Killed the enemy! To the next level!
Again turn an area into cheries...
and try to turn that area into oranges...
, lemmons and pineapples
And don't forget to collect the letter coin