Dogz 4 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game autoloads to this menu which installs Dogz 4 and/or two demos
Focus Multimedia's PC Fun Club version
This is displayed as the game loads
Before the game is played for the first time there player has to put up with a couple of information screens, this and one promoting Catz 4. Then comes the load screen
The start of the game. At this point the player has not adopted a pet, two breeds are initially available
A puppy has been adopted.
The game communicates with the player by opening up new windows like this that cannot be ignored
When a puppy is selected it is named and then adopted. here the player has already adopted the Scottie dog, the black one, and can adopt the Chihuahua too
Here we are with our adopted puppy at home.
There are active areas in the background to look out for, for example the switch on the wall turns on the fire
There's an in-game option to take pictures of your pet. These can be used with the Petz Publisher
The Gypsy Circus background and we've found a playmate
The Beach background
The kitchen - this is where the dog gets fed
The garden. The player can plant seeds in the garden and watch them grow
Arabia: All the new background like Arabia, Wild West etc show a landscape picture like this while the background loads
The Arabian Palace background and an 'Indiana Jones'-like playmate
The Winter Wonderland background and another playmate
Despite what the caption says drawing in the snow is hard because the puppy messes it up
The South Sea Island background and a pirate playmate
The Wild West background plus description. The original picture in the wanted poster has been replaced with one of the player's pet
The game's instructions are comprehensive and open in a new window
One of the new features is the ability to create a new background. For this a picture in .bmp format is needed
Another new feature is the Petz Web Fun Pack which opens in a browser window
The Petz Publisher is used to create a Dogz website. Lots of preset templates are provided including this one that puts a pet up for adoption