Dole 5 A Day Adventures Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Startup screen

Windows 3.x version

The game's title screen. This is followed by a screen showing a short animation and an announcement naming the game's maker and sponsor
The Travel Tips option takes the player into a section that explains all the in-game icons. The Adventure's option starts the game
After a short animation showing Bobby Banana skateboarding down Banana Boulevard The player arrives at The main game area.
The first building is the Adventure Theater. Here Pamela Pineapple hosts the show.
The Adventure Theater. The player selects a vegetable/fruit from a menu bar that runs along the bottom of the screen. Once chosen the player can then view relevant information and pictures
The Adventure Theater. The video sequences cannot be paused, advanced or aborted once they have started. This shows cauliflower growing and harvesting
There is a music icon in the menu bar which allows the player access to these unique songs. Courtney Cauliflower, shown here, is a bit of a rapper
The Salad Factory. Here the player creates their own salads while the machine shows the vitamin, fibre and fat content of the ingredients. On the second screen where the whole concoction is assessed
This is the information The Salad Factory is trying to impart. Memorise this because there's a quiz on exiting this section
This is H.B.'s Body Shop. The player clicks on body parts and finds out what fruit & vegetables are needed to maintain it
The Leafy Green Travel Agent takes the player to the 'Land of 5 a Day'
In the Info Land, radio WFIVE, the player can watch a video or have the logo explained. They cannot send an e-mail, that button gives a postal and an e-mail address, no more.
The start of the Information Land challenge. Challenges are issued as the player leaves each section. They are optional. They all start with the key character travelling left to right
Challenges are question based. Each correct question earns one or more tokens
getting all the questions right in a challenge means the player is Certified in that area.
The tokens earned complete pathways on the game board. Here the Salad Factory and Information Land are complete while the Body Shop and the Adventure Theater need too be revisited.
Every section starts with an animated introduction which can be skipped
The player can view or print off these tasty recipes at any time
In the Cooks Kitchen the player selects an appliance and is shown recipes. The tabs on the right show pictures and, if appropriate, warnings such as 'be careful with the blender'