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A Donkey Kong fans Mini-dream Game Boy Crazy Horse (12)

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Game Boy 46 4.1
Nintendo 3DS 5 3.9
Combined User Score 51 4.1

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Game BoyGamePro (US) (Sep, 1994)
Both games in this cart is enjoyable and entertaining. Older gamers will shed a tear when they remember this first quarter they ever spent on Donkey Kong. Other players will develop a certain simian savior-faire that will get them through this game. Kong is still king!
Game BoyTotal! (Germany) (Aug, 1994)
Spielerisch gibt es jedenfalls mal wieder so gut wie nichts zu bemängeln, und vom Umfang her präsentiert sich Donkey Kong sowieso einwandfrei. Bleibt eigentlich nur zu hoffen, daß es endlich Weihnachten wird. Warum? Na, weil dann endlich „Donkey Kong Land“ (Game Boy) und „Donkey Kong Country“ (Super NES) erscheinen werden.
Game BoyNintendo Land (2003)
You'll scream, you'll cry, you'll angrily swith off the machine and solemnly vow to never touch that evil game again, only to find yourself attempting to beat that one stubborn level one more time, because this time, you think you might just have found the right way to do it. That's how a good game should work. Miyamoto couldn't have found a better way to honor his very first game than this superb re-make-which-is-not-just-a-re-make. If you still need proof that Nintendo are superior even to the Gods themselves (yes, I know, I'm going over the top here....sorry), play this game. But be warned, this game is seriously brilliant.
Another Mario marvel to behold and become obsessed with. Buy it before it sells out, because it will you know.
Game BoyGame Players (Sep, 1994)
Besides being an exciting and entertaining game, Donkey Kong is also the first title to make full use of Nintendo's new Super Game Boy. Don't expect the game to graphically rival NES games, but Game Boy players should be impressed by full-color title screens and a unique screen border that resembles the Donkey Kong arcade machine. Fortunately you don't have to put quarters in this one.
Game BoyThe Video Game Critic (May 15, 2014)
I wish Donkey Kong didn't make me think so much, but there's no denying the quality of this first-class title.
Game BoyConsoles Plus (Sep, 1994)
Un bon jeu de plates-formes, long et bien réalisé, aussi bien sur Game Boy que sur Super Game Boy.
Nintendo 3DSFNintendo (Jul 07, 2011)
Donkey Kong é uma verdadeira obra intemporal. Um dos melhores jogos do Gameboy que na altura do seu lançamento passou ao lado de muita gente. Eis uma boa oportunidade para adquiri-lo na 3DS, sem quaisquer melhoramentos mas a um preço muito simpático, tendo em conta o seu conteúdo.
Game BoyVideo Games (Aug, 1994)
Wer geglaubt hat, daß Nintendo seine Videospiel-Kundschaft nur mit dem Original-Donkey Kong abspeisen wollte, ist auf dem falschen Vergnügungsdampfer. Mit viel Liebe zum Detail und ausgeklügelten Plattformebenen wurde das (Super)-Game Boy “Come Back“ genial aufbereitet. Wer bereits das Zubehörteil für sein SNES besitzt, darf sich in exotischen farbenfrohen Hüpfwelten nach Herzenslust austoben, Mario selbst hat einige neue “Jump“-Kniffe und Taktiken dazugelernt, welche in bestimmten Spielsituationen überlebenswichtig sind und ein Weiterkommen sicherstellen. Jede Donkey Kong-Welt birgt tonnenweise Überraschungen in sich, die den hohen Motivationgrad stets aufrechterhalten. Auch auf dem normalen Game Boy im Graustufen-Look verliert das Modul nicht die Spur seines genialen Spielreizes. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt ist die eingebaute Batterie, mit der sich bis zu drei Spielstände abspeichern lassen. Es wäre wirklich eine Affenschande, wenn Ihr Euch Donkey Kong nicht zulegen würdet.
Game BoyPixlBit (Jul 13, 2011)
It is not hard to recommend this game at all. It's fun, the puzzles are great brain teasers, and it looks plain good for a Game Boy game. 1-ups may be given out like candy at Halloween, but it's basic Nintendo design, folks: this game gets harder, and you will enjoy it.
Nintendo (UK) (Jun 24, 2011)
And what charms they are. If there are Game Boy titles as good as Donkey Kong waiting in the wings, we can all start banging on about what great value they represent. It's a pity Nintendo didn't issue it with the Super Game Boy 'enhancements', but that's about the only thing likely to activate your inner old man.
Game BoyGamesCollection (Feb 11, 2009)
L'ho rigiocato ultimamente, e questa storia mi è tornata alla mente proprio mentre mi divertivo nel rifarlo. Nonostante gli anni, li porta benissimo e riesce comunque a coinvolgere e divertire. Sicuramente i suoi seguiti spirituali (Mario vs. Donkey Kon 1 & 2) non sono all'altezza di questo primo titolo, nonostante siano realizzati molto bene e siano comunque divertenti. Il fattore retrò è ai massimi livelli in quanto troviamo una sorta di remake dalla versione arcade del gioco. Un gioco da avere assolutamente.
Game BoyNintendo Life (Aug 09, 2009)
First impressions can be misleading. With 101 stages, Donkey Kong for the Game Boy is far more than just a simple sequel to the arcade game. It adds a metric ton of new features, while still managing to keep the overall feel of the original game the entire time. The graphics and music are outstanding for a 1994 Game Boy title and the game itself is just incredibly fun to play, even if you do get a massive abundance of extra lives. Even though it's not part of the "main" Mario series, it's easily one of the best Mario games ever made.
Game BoyNintendojo (Jul 31, 2003)
The innovation, the magic, and the enchantment that Nintendo fans have grown up with and continued to adore started right here, folks. Reinventing this magic on their first handheld system was the natural thing to do, and the results couldn’t be more pleasing. Many an hour you’ll spend with this game, if you haven’t already. That said, I’d expect nothing less from the emotion-invoking masterminds that hail from the fortified developmental arm of Nintendo’s timeless empire.
This game is addictive and fun. Play it for a little while and you'll be hooked. On the Super Game Boy it's a masterpiece: it's just looks and sounds great. For Donkey Kong fans old and new, this is a must-have.
Game BoyHonestGamers (Dec 09, 2003)
One memorable puzzle involves using special switches to make floors, as well as employing springboards and ladders in midair to carry the grounded key all the way up two screens to where the locked door awaits. It's all very clever fun and the 90 plus levels will engage you for hours and hours, and perhaps days and days. Donkey Kong is must have for any gamer on the go. Brilliant!
Game BoyGame Informer Magazine (Mar, 2002)
The battery backup to save progress was crucial, and this was also the first game to support Super Game Boy, a peripheral which let you add color to Game Boy games and play them on Super Nintendo. For platforming and puzzle game thrills on the go, you really can't do better than Donkey Kong.
Game BoyPlay Time (Aug, 1994)
Was soll man viel schreiben? Donkey Kong ist von Nintendo, Donkey Kong hat hundert Levels, Donkey Kong ist perfekt durchgestylt, Donkey Kong kostet DM 69,-, Donkey Kong muß man haben!
Game BoyMega Fun (Jul, 1994)
Leider reicht der Platz nicht aus, um Euch alle Feinheiten und spielerischen Gags näherzubringen. Soviel sei aber gesagt: Donkey Kong ist nicht ein bloßer Aufguß des Oldies, es ist wieder einmal ein Musterbeispiel für Nintendos hohe Kunst des Leveldesigns. Big „N“ jongliert gekonnt mit perfekt ausgeklügelten Items herum, die zusammen mit Marios neuen Fähigkeiten eine sehr hohe Spielkultur ergeben. Dabei ist es glücklicherweise nicht nur mit bloßer Hopserei getan, auch Eure grauen Zellen sind gefordert, wenn Ihr den rettenden Ausgang erreichen wollt. Die Levels werden in kleinen „Häppchen serviert“ und halten dadurch die Motivation auf hohem Niveau. Da diese Jump‘n Run-Orgie außerdem stattliche 100 Levels lang ist (von versteckten Abschnitten ganz zu schweigen) und zudem eine Batterie bietet, kann ich dieses Modul uneingeschränkt empfehlen, mehr Spielspaß kann man für 69,- DM kaum noch verlangen.
Game BoyRandom Access (Dec 24, 2013)
Donkey Kong is more than just a port. It's a full-blown sequel, perhaps the only one of its kind. With tight controls, decent presentation, and a challenge level that should keep your brain synapses adequately occupied, this is one that shouldn't be left out of your classic Game Boy library. With its availability on the 3DS Virtual Console as well, there's no reason not to dive back into a time when Donkey Kong was actually the bad guy and Mario thought that swinging a hammer around like a maniac was an appropriate course of action.
Nintendo 3DSIGN (Jun 27, 2011)
The one depressing, discouraging caveat, though, is that disappointing lack of Super Game Boy color. It saddens me that such a pivotal part of the game's presentation has been cut away in this re-release, and upsets me even more to think that this most likely means no future eShop re-releases will include their SGB upgrades either. Donkey Kong is incredible, a phenomenal game that's worth replaying. I just wish I didn't have to replay it in black and white, because, to me, that's getting its nostalgia wrong.
This game caught me totally by surprise! As the first title for the Super Game Boy, I am very impressed. The amount of color in the game is pretty amazing. I like the cute musical theme. And like all Mario games, DK has some of the finest control. The many new levels are welcome. The only reason this gets a lower score is that it's not as impressive on a Game Boy, even though it's still very good. I like this a lot!
Nintendo 3DSPocket Gamer UK (Jun 23, 2011)
Donkey Kong serves up some classic Nintendo puzzling on the 3DS eShop, and should tide you over until the next big eShop release rolls around.
Game BoyMegablast (Sep, 1994)
Leider hinkt die Optik dem abwechslungsreichen Gameplay etwas hinterher. Am LCD-Display fallen die Kontraste zu gering aus, das Scrolling verwischt, dazu sind Freund und Feind relativ schwer zu unterscheiden. Ganz anders mit Adapter, denn hier kommen die detaillierten Landschaften voll zur Geltung, außerdem kriegt man neben dem üblichen Soundgedudel etwas Sprachausgabe zu hören. So oder so handelt es sich um ein empfehlenswertes Modul, doch sollte man halt für den Game Boy bei der Grafik- bzw. Soundnote einige Prozentpunkte abziehen, da sich unsere Wertung diesbezüglich naheliegenderweise auf den Betrieb mit Super Game Boy und Heimkonsole bezieht.
Game BoyNintendo Difference (Nov 21, 2012)
Donkey Kong, qui donna dix ans plus tard Mario vs. Donkey Kong sur Game Boy Advance, est un grand jeu. Les quatre premiers niveaux, qui rendent hommage au jeu d’arcade de 1981, ouvrent sur une longue série de tableaux regorgeant de bonnes idées et qui poussent à la réflexion sans pour autant torturer le joueur. Mario est réactif et le jeu offre un affichage et un environnement sonore soignés.
Game BoyPortable Review (Oct 25, 2005)
As for replay, it's pretty good. The game is a platformer, it's addictive, and it's simple and fun. If this were just the original game, then it wouldn't have much replay value. But the GB remake is superior to the Arcade and NES originals. I'd even recommend this one over the GBA version in the Classic NES Series.