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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen (the shortest on-screen time that I have seen!).
Japanese title screen
Main menu
Visit Funky and try your mini-game or fly to the completed levels. Take a height!
Be the biggest banana eater of all DK Island with this final test! 3,2,1... GO!
Cranky gives some advices, remembers the past and is very affectionate with you.
Jump in Candy's barrel to participate in a dancing mini-game. Good rewards await you!
With the help of Enguarde in water levels, the adventure betters more!
In this version, Cranky has a chat with you after the boss is defeated. How gentle...
The mine cart level continues very challenging and malicious. One false step and DIE!
If you're lucky, this live-roulette-bonus will be very, very easy!
Use the tire to reach high places. It is very helpful to find some items and bonus stages!
The Krushas are too strong to be defeated, you must jump with Donkey
Don't wait more, Tarzan! Jump off this swinging rope and defeat this pathetic fool!
Take a walk on the steel barrel and defeat the bad guys!
Press the START button in the map screen to see these options
Funky Fishing is an exclusive mini-game from this version. Catch more fishes to improve your score! And your dinner...
Other exclusive mini-game: in Candy's Studio Dance, be the best dancer pressing the buttons in time!
This is one of various bonus screens in the game. Simple, but funny!
Manky Kong is the evil member of the clan. What a furious expression!
Use the TNT barrel to remove some hard obstacles, unbreakable with a normal barrel.
Winky helps the Kongs in the catching of this big stuff!
King K. Rool wants revenge after many years since your first defeat... Do not let this happen
Holding a flashlight, Squawks helps you in this dark level.
Some items are reached if you jump onto ropes. And some bonuses too..
Use the elevating platforms carefully. A false move and you lose 1 life!
What are you doing on my house Gnawty?
Do not let this happen to you, player! You could DIE! Do you understand me?
Activate this green barrel and certain rock bad guys will go to liberate the way. Temporarily...
You must avoid all the Zingers using this simple rope
Dumb Drum's first move is a ground shake. But this doesn't affect the Kongs!
Pick some fuel containers to fill up your meter. Keeps it full!
Defeating some enemies with DK's hand slap, you will receive 1 banana
How to find the extra life balloon in the darkness?
Oh no! We lost the platform because the fuel is empty
If you find the level warp, you can warp near the exit.

Game Boy Color version

One of many title screen drawings. The game shows it in 2 parts: this is the first.
And this is the second part. Press START!
Main menu
Map screen
Pick 1 life in your home, sweet home...
DK's store-room is empty! It will not have enough food for the difficult days...
Morph into Rambi to defeat enemies with his long horn.
Go to the other side after jumping off this swinging rope.
Look for broken mine carts and jump all of them! Pick some bananas too.
You must coincide three animals to gain a prize...
One barrel for two Zingers: which of them Diddy must kill?
In some cases, the player must pass for some short places. The jump not works during this time!
The old-wise-monkey-guy Cranky Kong.
DK's animation when losing 1 life.
In this version, the player morphs completely in the animal buddy.
In GBC version, Candy Kong will give (in each world) a challenge to you complete: finish' em all!
Really Gnawty was defeated and DK receives the respective reward: one big banana with a famous logo printed...
Diddy avoids some rocked Kremlings who are back, now in portable version!
DK performing a hand slap.
Vine Valley is a immense forest surrounded by diverse traps and enemies like the other worlds.
Jump in Master Necky's head some times to complete the 2nd world, Monkey Mines! And take care with some falling nuts...
Diddy (and Donkey too) likes eliminate simultaneous enemies, like this 3 Gnawtys.
Go to Funky's Flights and and reach the heights... again!
Pick this Enguarde's golden statue to double your Enguarde "coins" and earn some lives. But the time is malicious...
Crossing between two Zingers needs caution and some precision.
This is Expresso, the ostrich: you can use its high jump to avoid multiple enemies in a row!
Killing two fool Kremlings using a "customized" steel barrel attack.
DK prepares a barrel throw: the victim now is Queen B.!
Use the tire to jump higher than normal and escape from some obstacles in the ground or in the air too.
Squawks, the parrot, gives a great help in a certain dark level, working like a "flying flashlight".
Green bananas, a bug of the game

SNES version

Title screen
Japanese Title Screen
Nice world map
bananas are equivalent to gold in Mario games
Kaboom! Now that was quite a blow...
Isn't he cute?
Riding a rhinoceros. Watch out, pesky frogs!
Night falls on Donkey Kong Country...
Realistic weather effects
Monkeys swinging on the rope!
A conversation with a wise man
Underground cave level
No mercy for the snakes!
Underwater level
Riding this fish is much better than swimming alone
Now we've really climbed high...
Monkeys in the barrel! You need to have a good timing in order to jump over into the other barrel
This sexy monkey babe is just a save point! How creative... ;D
Boss battle
After a big battle, you get a trophy
Interesting in-house level
Bonus level. Collect all the bananas at your pleasure :)
Metal Donkey Kong! This is a funny bug of the game!
Blue Diddy! This is a other funny bug of the game!
A gift of these is not nothing pleasant...
Funky's Flights. Totally free of charge!
A leap of faith... or DEATH?
Metal Diddy! This bug also works with him!
DK is expert to find rare treasures.
"I hate this pestering old-timer!"
The snow levels feature beautiful background graphics
A snow storm is hindering your view
Frozen ropes are difficult to climb

Wii version

Title screen
Go back inside your house and jump on the tire for a free Extra Life Balloon

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  • Donkey Kong Country Screenshot
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    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996
  • Donkey Kong Country Screenshot
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