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Dora the Explorer: Backpack Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Signing in, choosing colors.
Your decorated sticker book!
Dora's room - finding the books to fill Backpack.
Starting off for the library...
Backpack and Map
This is the view that Map shows; you have to cross the troll bridge and a big rock to get to the library.
Dora's friend Isa needs some help - "Click the backpack!" Boots says...
Catch that sneaky Swiper! And what a pretty garden!
Ooh, a troll under a bridge - hope he only eats billy-goats...
The troll seems quite surprised that we're winning, obviously he's never met a Moby before.
A chocolate tree, and nothing to catch his leaves in...
Maybe something from the Backpack will help?
Here's Benny, just in time to get us over the BIG rock.
Choose the #5 route to pick up Benny's friends...
A great ride down the BIG rock to the library
Oh no, it's Swiper again.
The librarian...has...tentacles...
Would we like to choose some books? Of course we would!
Choose the one that Boots would like (He wanted a book about things to eat...)
The sticker book - each tab has another set of stickers to choose from.
The finished sticker page...:-)