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Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Activity sheets are available in Dora's treasure chest.
A numbers practice page to print and color in.
Personalizing the treasure chest with stickers.
Choosing level and mode of play.
Dora explains about her poor missing teddy bear, Osito.
The player has to match the numbers to paint this picture.
Boots the monkey urges the player to "click on Map, click on Map!"
Map shows the route to the Lost City and enjoins the player to remember: pond, pyramid, Lost City.
Here in the forest there are stars to collect.
"Ahoy there!" says Pirate Pig.
The Pirate Piggies must be lined up on the right docks.
Setting sail across the river, with Pirate Pig at the helm - note the lifejackets.
Swiper the Fox is right behind, on the trail of a lost glove.
Mamá Bugga Bugga reveals a sad tale of lost blankets.
These numbered babies must be put in their buggy.
The Number Pyramid: Señor Tucán can't navigate the pyramid because he has lost his glasses.
As Dora races through the pyramid the player must grab the shapes and jewels that match the number shown.
Atop the Pyramid - as each game is completed the player is serenaded by this little trio.
The gates to the Lost City!
Inside the Lost City, watching for the right missing items.
Dora's bear, safe and sound
The stars collected throughout the game fly up to make this familiar-looking constellation.
A grand dancing and singing celebration!