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Doraemon: Nobita to Fukkatsu no Hoshi Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Intro movie (before the title screen). This neighbourhood look very familiar.
Doraemon and Nobita.
Characters introduction. That's Shizuka.
Doraemon, the robotic blue cat from the future.
Trip into outer space, so freaking kewl.
Emergency landing...?
Suneo Honekawa, are you ok?
Strange robots are approaching.
A side-scrolling action platformer... you have few cool weapons to choose from.
Takeshi Gouda ("Jaian") is jumping.
Versus the first "boss".
Stage 0 clear.
More story... as usual...
Damn... Enough of collisions.... ok?
So what will happen next huh?
Oh, it's... Stage 1.
Jumping high and killing stuff. Nothing special about it.
This will happen... when you die.
Shizuka is avoiding an annoying creature. Doraemon "died" right here...
Hmm, tough choice. Maybe I'll choose...
... this one!
Yes, more story...
Stage 2. So this planet has water? Not bad. Btw, the characters can swim, don't worry.
Do you know what's this?!? Can you read Japanese?
Stage 3. And more weird creatures.
Suicidal Doraemon in action.
Watch out Suneo! The fu*king tree is falling!
All characters died. Game over.
Well, enough for now. Sleep tight.