007: James Bond - The Stealth Affair Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Original Title Screen (VGA)
US Title Screen (VGA)
One scene, three versions: The original EGA...
...European VGA (Hero: John Glames)...
...and US-version (Hero: James Bond).
The command menu pops up on a click. (VGA)
Same scene, EGA version.
Those things that make a special agents life special, they're all in there: drive-by shooting...
...huge underground lairs...
...subtle allusions...
...and charming women.
She even goes diving with you.
One of the arcade sequences: Diving for freedom.
Another arcade sequence: Get key, avoid guards.
Finally, the evil mastermind himself!
Your mission is priority like everybody
Well... can i get a room for one hour with my girl ?
Is it just me, or does this guy look like Bill Clinton?
Sneaking around the palace at night.
This looks like a nice office.
Let's see if we can get this safe open.
Chasing after an enemy agent.
Still chasing the agent...
The chase continues on jet skis.
A US sub is here to pick you up.
Inside the sub after receiving orders from your boss.
Donning your scuba gear, you set off for more adventure.
You never know what you might find down here...
Climbing a ladder inside of a tunnel.
The evil Doctor Why has prepared some not so fun things for you...
ARRRGGHH!! Looks like Glames messed up this time!
Another maze action sequence. This time it's in the dark...
In disguise sneaking down the base's hallways.
I wonder if there's anything of use in those drawers?
Another secret room...
Inside the officer's office.
ZAP!!! Watch out for traps!
Doctor Why's Artificial Island Base
The stealth prepares for take off to bomb Washington, DC!
Look's like it's time to grab your girl and get out of here!