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3-D Body Adventure Credits


ProducerPaul Chesis
DesignerDon Button
OriginalPamela Spertus
Emergency WardWilliam Drake
ComposerHamilton Altstatt
Production CoordinatorBill Gross, Marcee Kleinman
ProgrammingDavid Benson, Steve Colwell, Mark Dinan, Fernando Echeverria, Jim Echmalian, Lee Hasiuk, Dan Kegel, Jeremy Leader, Scott Reynolds
DocumentationAndrea Hill
AcquisationsDavid Gobel
Computer GraphicsCEC3Space, Carl Wahlén
AnimationCEC3Space, Carl Wahlén
Computer ModelsViewpoint DataLabs
PhotoCustom Medical Stock Photo, Uniphoto, The General Electric Company, Science Source
VideoFilm Bank, Sveriges Television, WGBH Boston
Swedish LocalizationLevande Böcker i Norden AB
Graphic Design and CoverSwed & Hart Reklambyrå
Translation (Swedish)Magnus Raland, Ola Ljung, Gunnel Bjerneroth

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (230760)