A-10 Tank Killer Credits (DOS)

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A-10 Tank Killer Credits


DirectorDamon Slye
ProgrammingLincoln Hutton, David McClurg
Art DirectorKobi Miller
3D ArtMark Brenneman, Cyrus Kanga
AnimationMark Brenneman, Cyrus Kanga
Director of Image ProductionRandy Dersham
Casting/CostumingSher Alltucker
Mission DesignDavid Selle, Damon Slye
Sound EffectsBryce Morcello
Musical EditingBryce Morcello
Musical ScoreAlan McKean
DesignJerry Luttrell, Damon Slye
Executive ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
Virtual MachineMike Edwards
EGA and VGA GraphicsPiotr Lukaszuk
3SpaceDavid McClurg
Software ToolsLincoln Hutton, Dariusz Lukaszuk, Piotr Lukaszuk, David McClurg, Richard Rayl
Audio Support SystemBryce Morcello
Smart StartPiotr Lukaszuk, David McClurg, Richard Rayl
CastBrian Hahn (as Lieutenant Jake Styles), Rich Scheeland (as Commander Cord), Dave Shew (as Captain Buck Ryan)
Hardware SupportMarc Von Ahn
Administrative SupportKaren Peal, Anthony R. Reyneke
PlaytestersDaniel Hinds, Mick Westrick
Package IllustrationRoger Smith
Package DesignJerry Luttrell, Kobi Miller
DocumentationJerry Luttrell, David Selle, Damon Slye
Director of MarketingJerry Luttrell
Special ThanksGreg Dean,  Flightcraft, Oregon Air National Guard, Chuck Temple ("Hollywood" Maj. USMCR), 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing

Version 1.5 Credits

ProducerLloyd Madden
Lead ProgrammerChristopher Reese
ProgrammersDavid McClurg, Nels Bruckner
Technical DevelopmentPiotr Lukaszuk, David McClurg, Nathan Dwyer, Dariusz Lukaszuk
Art DirectorMark Peasley
3‑D Graphics ArtistCyrus Kanga
ArtistsIan Gilliland, Rhonda Conley, Ron Clayborn, Mark Vearrier, Kerrie Abbott, Damon Mitchell
Theatrical CoordinatorSher Alltucker
Director of Image ProductionRandy Dersham
Sound EffectsChristopher Stevens
Audio DirectorAlan McKean
Mission DesignMick Westrick, Evan Birkby, Forrest Walker, Wayland M. Wasserman, Alan Roberts
Quality AssuranceEvan Birkby
Research ConsultantsSher Alltucker, William Foster
Special Thanks354th Tactical Fighter Wing, Myrtle Beach AFB
Documentation: Managing EditorJerry Luttrell
Documentation: Control SectionJerry Luttrell, David Selle
Documentation: Historical OverviewKevin Miller
Documentation: Layout and DesignSue Roberts, Jerry Luttrell
Documentation: Additional Thanks ToSher Alltucker, Patricia Perales, Mark Peasley, Bob Lindstrom, Sierra On‑Line
Online Manual credits: Project ManagerMark Peasley
Online Manual credits: ProgrammingHugh Diedrichs, Miles Smith
Online Manual credits: Art DirectorShawn Sharp
Online Manual credits: Lead Production ArtistTito Pagan
Online Manual credits: Production ArtistsRon Clayborn, Mike Jahnke
Online Manual credits: Quality AssuranceTucker Hatfield, Corey Reese
Online Manual credits: Copy EditingKurt Weber
Online Manual credits: ProofreadingGerald Azenaro, Lynne Ertie, Marianne Ryder
Printed Manual credits: Publications ManagerKevin Lamb
Printed Manual credits: EditorKurt Weber
Printed Manual credits: DesignSue Roberts
Printed Manual credits: LayoutCameron Mitchell

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