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German Index

German BPJS (the German public authority responsible for putting media on the index) argued that single buildings that can be bombed in the game are usually inhabited by humans who could get killed during the bombings. This is, according to German law, an act of cruelty against mankind, and therefore the game is put on the index in Germany.


While A-10 is supposed to be a single-seater attack plane, Dynamix chose to give you a backseater in order to add some "interaction".

Great Warplanes Series

According to the game designer Damon Slye, initially he had plans to make a single game that would encompass airplanes and battles from the different eras - both old and new. But Ken Williams, the head and founder of Sierra company that purchased Dynamix around that time, had suggested that instead he should make several games dedicated to a single time period each. Thus, a series of much more detailed air combat games was born.


And according to the same person, A-10 happens to be among the first if not the first PC simulator to utilize 256 color VGA graphics for 3D environments, and not only used for menus or cockpit art.

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