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Back Cover:
    "A line has been drawn in the sand..." - President George Bush, August 8, 1990.

    The Middle East tinderbox exploded in 1991. The world watched the fury of streaking bombers and mighty tanks etch lines in the sand. Now you command high-tech firepower across the sub-continent - from Libya to Iran and from Turkey to Saudi Arabia!

    A LINE IN THE SAND is the only multi-player computer simulation of real and potential wars in the Middle East. Play two historical scenarios based on the recent Iraqi War. Fight two hypothetical scenarios: Holy War and Israel Surrounded. Express your statesmanship with two diplomatic scenarios. You settle the conflicts - or begin the battles.

    Each scenario has its own rules and sea/land/air weapon systems. Up to six players represent different military powers. Players deploy weapons across the Middle East. Then, they attack to destroy enemy forces and capture cities, airfields, chemical and nuclear weapon sites. Each player struggles to achieve their individual War Aims. You'll never know who is actually winning until someone declares victory!

    Game play is easy and fun, with colorful graphics and explosive sounds. Choose a quick game for 1-2 hours of strategy and excitement. Or, use all the options for 6-15 hours of high-tension fun. Numerous scenarios, optional rules and multiple War Aims mean no two games will ever play the same!

    A LINE IN THE SAND. So many ways to play; so many answers to the Middle East question.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on May 31, 2003.