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Advertising Blurbs

Italian distributor's website:
    4 tavoli estremamente appassionanti per un'azione veloce e psichedelica. The Dream Factory, Balls & Bats e Desert Run sono dotati di una modalità multipallina disegnata per mandare l'adrenalina alle stelle e garantire ore e ore di divertimento. Aquatic Adventure contiene funzioni animate e ogni tavolo contiene sei sofisticate modalità video.

    Contributed by jean-louis (32365) on Jan 03, 2015.

Press Release:
    Blewburry, UK -- 21st Century Entertainment has teamed up with talented Swedish development team, UDS, to bring you their latest blockbuster, Absolute Pinball. Unique Development Sweden has created four outstanding new tables each of which demands attention with its own strong theme.

    The Dream Factory lets the player loose on Hollywood, finding scripts, schmoozing the industry bigwigs and creating that ultimate Oscar winning film. Fame definitely has its price and in the case of The Dream Factory a set of flipper weary fingers is the price you have to pay!

    Balls & Bats throws the players into the midst of Major League baseball. The World Series is at stake and the pressure is almost too much to bear with the whole team counting on you to hit that all important winning home run.

    Pulling on the wet suit and diving through long since sunken wrecks for treasure in dangerous, shark-filled waters are features of the third table Aquatic Adventure. All bonus modes are time-limited as under the sea, time and air supply are vital life preserving factors.

    Desert Run bids farewell to the quiet roads of the English countryside, so strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Desert Run begins in Paris and if your finger flipping skills are up to it, 12 stages and several continents later you'll arrive road weary but triumphant in Dakar.

    Priced at 29.99 British Pounds, Absolute Pinball is due for an August 1996 launch.

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