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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Plastic Folder - DOS (United Kingdom):
    About the Author...
    Jon Thackray first encountered adventure games in 1978 while studying for his PhD at Cambridge, and started writing his own game soon after.
    In 1982 he joined Acorn Computers and started looking at putting adventure games onto micros in his spare time. He has maintained a keen interest in adventure games ever since, both single and multi-user, and is now an Arch-wizard on the British Telecom multi-user dungeon.
    ...About the Adventure
    A mysterious body, known only as The Ruling Council of Acheton, has issued the following challenge to sentient life-forms everywhere:
    “We hereby challenge the greatest adventurers in the known universe to uncover the dread secrets of our realm.
    “Acheton is no ordinary land. Although explorers are welcome, you may find that Death is the only reward. Deeds of heroic valour will be required, and feats of intellect that Newton and Einstein would have boggled at. Understanding of the arcane science known as Magic will be mandatory...
    “For the successful adventurer, the rewards will be great: riches immense, power supernatural, and the knowledge that you have succeeded where others have failed...
    “Good luck - you will need it!”
    Signed and sealed in the fourth thousand and twenty-seventh year of the reign of Yelkha-Oekkim IV. May His Dread Majesty live forever!
    GAME SIZE: Expansive, with a wide range and a very high standard of problems. RATING: A real challenge.

    Also from Topologika...
    ‘COUNTDOWN TO DOOM’ by Peter Killworth
    You're orbiting the treasure-rich planet of Doomawangara. Deserts and jungles, glaciers and swamps, crashed spaceships and the dwellings of ‘The Ancients’ sweep mysteriously below, until your ship is attacked, disabled and crash-lands on Doom. If you can't find the spares to repair it, both you and your ship are, well, doomed...
    GAME SIZE: Medium, with an S-F flavour. RATING: Medium.
    ‘KINGDOM OF HAMIL’ by Dr. Jonathan Partington
    Night, blackest night. Bones weary after days and nights in the saddle, and always dreaming of Hamil, that land of sorcery and romance, of strange but loyal beings, the land that should be yours. Have you the intellect and the stamina to win it back?
    GAME SIZE: Moderate, with many unusual puzzles. RATING: Medium.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (230178) on Mar 10, 2010.