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Advertising Blurbs

Avalon Hill's website:
    IBM CD-ROM - Building on Avalon Hill's award-winning Civilization, the PC version of Advanced Civilization begins where the boardgame of Civilization left off. YOU start at the Dawn of History . . . and lead your society through the mists of time to the age of the civilized state -8000 B.C. to 250 B.C. The object of the game is to gain an overall advancement in which cultural, economic, and political factors are paramount. Loaded with expansions and additions to the original Civilization game system. Age 12 and up.
    Outstanding Features:
  • Loaded with expansions and additions to the original Civilization game system
  • Larger, expanded playing area, including the Western Expansion maps
  • Rich, full-color SVGA graphics
  • Elegant, intuitive player interface
  • Complete expansion of the famous Civilization Trading Card supplements
  • Impressive Full-Color Manuals & Player Maps
  • Strong appeal across all age groups
  • Specifications: Available for IBM PC or compatible, 486, or better, 8 Mb RAM, 2x CD-ROM, hard disk, SVGA color graphics, and mouse. Supports Sound Blaster or compatible sound cards.

    Contributed by jean-louis (49342) on Jul 25, 2015.

Back of Box - DOS (United States):

    It is the dawn of history . . .

    . . .8,000 years before the birth of Christ. The mighty Roman Empire, masters of the known world, will not rise for eight millenium. Bur around the Mediterranean in groups of primitive huts stir the initial steps of a great awakening as mankind evolves from the rule of the pack to sow the first seeds of civilization. Who will rule supreme ... Africa, Italy, Illyria, Thrace, Crete, Asia, Assyria, Babylon, or Egypt? Nine of the greatest civilizations of antiquity vie for dominance as they rise from the Stone Age. Interact throughout the Bronze Age and culminate their struggles with the dominant civilization of the Iron Age.

    ADVANCED CIVILIZATION is not just a wargame wherein players advance by conquest. Indeed, military is but one of the 24 tools available to players seeking to improve their lot. Although war is one of the paths frequently travelled by mankind, It rarely leads to a stronger civilization. Nor is the game a flight of fancy pitting slingers against nuclear weapons in some type of bizarre time warp. ADVANCED CIVILIZATION tracks man's progress throughout antiquity as one to eight players vie to form the dominant culture by acquisition of such tools as Pottery, Metalworking, Mining, Coinage, Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology against the backdrop of an ever-changing world rife with natural and manmade threats to sidetrack the unwary.


    • COMPLETE PLAYER INTERACTION: Combat resolution dependent solely on player actions with no random chance elements. Play alone against two to seven computer opponents, or substitute as many human opponents as you can muster.

    • EMAIL: Up ti 8 players can vie online using simultaneous movement for a faster game full of surprises and bluffs not possible in sequential movement games.

    • MULTIPLE GAME SETTINGS: Three levels of AI, four variant options, and dozens of different player combinations provide hundreds of different game possibilities.

    • ECONOMICS: Balance your degree of urbanization with the availability of rural population to prevent inflation of stagnation.

    • TECHNOLOGY: Trade the production of your cities for the tools of civilization. Not just another arms race ... players must weigh the needs of the moment against improvements in crafts, sciences, arts, civics, and religion to built the strongest culture.

    • CALAMITIES: Earthquakes, famine, civil war, slave revolts, flood, barbarians, plague ... there is no end to the conspiracy of men and nature to challenge even the greatest empire builder.


    Outmaneuver other powers to safeguard your borders

    Watch your civilization advance through the ages.

    Calamities such as Barbarian invasions block the road to empire.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (251085) on Mar 20, 2010.