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Adventure Math Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The first screen the gamer sees is the game configuration screen
The title screen
The game's credits follow the title screen
There's a status bar at the bottom of the screen so this is covering the fact that the game is loading in the background
The main menu
This is the first of two ordering information screens.
Ordering information is accessed from the main menu
Starting a game. The process is the same whether addition or subtraction has been selected from the main menu. After entering their name the player/pupil sets the difficulty setting
The start of a game, this time it's addition
All sums take place against the same background
The end of a series of questions.
The bonus round is about to begin. The gun at the bottom of the screen is moved with the Left/Right arrow keys and is fired with the SPACEBAR
The bonus round in progress. The sum is at the bottom of the screen and the player shoots the correct answer box to score and advance
On exit the shareware game advertises the full retail game