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Airstrike Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

DOS loading screen/info (If PC speed is detected as sufficient, the game continues to the splash screen)
When PC speed detection fails, the game just exits with this message. (Try again)
When PC speed detection results in a marginal result, this message is printed, but pressing 'Enter' lets you continue.
Splash screen
Intro to the war situation, and enrollment; i.e. player name for highscore list.
You get your first mission from General Bigwig.
Starting point. You can fly either right or left, as the map rolls over both ways. The DETECTED message indicates a nearby radar station.
You can fly either left or right, as the map rolls over. Below us is the first enemy soldier aiming his weapon at us.
We have a SAM battery below us, and several soldiers. The soldiers under the trees are protected from direct fire, they must be in the open to be hit.
SAM:s are being fired at us as we pass, but so far they have missed. Note the warning messages in the status panel.
A little wharf below us, and a soldier under a tree. The AA tank is moving in cover of the hillside, it can't be hit until in the clear.
After the recon flight, I get to the business of destruction. Shooting a missile, it leaves ruins and craters after hits, bullets leave smaller holes, but work well against many targets.
Boom, and the wharf gets it.
Firing my gun against the AA missile launcher, and soldier. The tree protects them until destroyed.
Oops, the map rolled over, and I'm back at my carrier again. I guess the chief won't like my decorations.
Landed, and rearmed. Note that I have to turn the helicopter so it faces perpendicular to the carrier to land, otherwise I end up in the sea.
Here I fly in the other direction, to clean up what's left of the enemy. The did get some hits, so I'll need repairs. If the hull get fully crossed over, the helicopter can crash.
First mission debrief. As suspected , I get reprimanded, both for shooting up my ship and some poor trees.
Mission 2: terrorist training camp eradication.
Some armoured cars firing at me, I fire a missile back. I have spent almost all my missiles, heading home for a reload.
Upon landing to rearm, the mission unexpectedly ended; it seems the required targets were dead, even though some enemies remained.
Mission 3: destroy SAM missile sites. In this mission we have a FARP landing site in addition to the carrier.
SAM launcher die! Only bullets were needed on this target.
Soldier in dying animation, as the tree he was hiding by explodes from a missile.
Here is a gunboat also firing missiles, it moves fast and is hard to hit.
I'm over the FARP landing site, we must land as on the carrier. Rearm & repair is instant.
Mission 3 debrief: reprimanded again, I'm getting a bit irritated about these tree-huggers, have they never heard of collateral damage?
Mission 5 briefing: a rescue mission at an oil rig. (easy-peasy)
Owie, these guys have better aim I think! Tactical retreat advisable.
Circling my carrier were two enemy gunboats, and they got me before I could land.
Mission 5 debrief: Hamburger.
Final score: negative points due to environmental damage! It's possible to retry the missions, but why not end my career with a BBQ?
Ending the game with a shareware reminder from the author.