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Albion Credits


ProducerThomas Hertzler
Project Manager, Graphics, ScenariosErik Simon
Main ProgrammerJurie Horneman
GraphicsThorsten Mutschall
Editor Maintenance and ScenariosMarcus Pukropski
Music and Sound EffectsMatthias Steinwachs
3D EngineJürgen Friedrich
Combat Screen EffectsRainer Reber
Additional 3D Graphics, Combat Backgrounds, End SequencePixlers Vienna
IntroTobias J. Richter
Monster GraphicsUwe Meier, Adam Sprys
Manual Illustration and Pictures for Graphical SequencesDieter Rottermund
Manual, Preparation of Graphical Sequences, Best BoyThomas Friedmann
Philiosophical Coaching and Texts of the Cultures of the Kenget Kamulos and Dji CantosWolfgang Walk
Installation ProgramThomas Holz, Andreas Nitsche
TestingPeter Ohlmann, Peter Okorn
Special Thanks (from the entire team)Marko Giertolla, Thorsten Kneisel, Karsten Köper, John Miles
Erik wants to thankAlexander Gramsch
Jurie wants to thankMatthias Steinwachs, Jürgen Friedrich, David Thielen, Mark L. Barrett, John Miles, Thomas Häuser
Thorsten wants to thankChristoph Werner, Adam Sprys
Marcus wants to thankthe entire Albion Team, Christian Jungen, All my friends [for their loyalty during the tough phases of Albion], All fans of Doodebroode [for the moral support], All the bands from whose music I was able to draw a lot of energy and strength which were necessary for working on such a project

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Peter Ohlmann, 22 other games
Uwe Meier, 21 other games
Christian Jungen, 18 other games
Andreas Nitsche, 17 other games
Rainer Reber, 16 other games
Adam Sprys, 16 other games
Marko Giertolla, 16 other games
Mark L. Barrett, 13 other games
Marcus Pukropski, 12 other games
Thomas Holz, 9 other games
Jürgen Friedrich, 7 other games
Karsten Köper, 7 other games
Peter Okorn, 6 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jurie Horneman (9), Xoleras (66735) and formercontrib (159145)