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Written by  :  Jamie Harris (2)
Written on  :  Feb 18, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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One of my all time.. no, my all time favourite RPG there ever was!

The Good

I absolutely loved the Iskai race. They have their own language, way of living, and it's all explained so clearly! Also, the battle system was original, I just couldn't help just wandering around fighting :). Also, you could talk to all of your team members as each other, and have one of your team lead, and some could cast magic and others couldn't, (which was annoying at times). The artwork was spectacular, even in the world of 3D animation, the whole thing was so smooth, and pleasing to the eye. You also had the 3D bits in the game, and my eyes couldn't stop looking at the 2D sprites moking around on them. It was funny watching the people walk backwards :P. And also, the inventory/equip system is so easy to use! Wow, I'm ammassing quite a few likes. Just one more.. please? The conversation system! It describes, in detail, what the charactors do and how they react, and you can even get them to say some funny stuff. All in all, I like ALL of Albion!

The Bad

The only gripe I have about Albion is that its too short. Come on, Blue Byte, MAKE A SEQUAL!! Yay o_O

The Bottom Line

An instant classic, with plot depth and a mysterious storyline, Albion is the perfect game for you RPG fanatics! BUY IT NOW! (Or suffer the consequences)