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Albion Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The opening turns into a strange dream of the main character.
Title screen appears in the opening sequence
The planet of Albion
You cannot type numbers, even for entering a code, a slider is used.
This picture very clearly shows that this game was not developed in the US...
Ahh, bureaucracy, there is no place in the universe without it ...
Basic RPG gameplay element #17
Some riddles require the use of gathered items.
Something is lurking in the shadows, and I don't think it likes me.
Drirr, the first non-human party member
The city of Jirinaar
Here you must investigate a murder plot
Watch your step!
Exploring the outskirts of Jirinaar.
Looks like this kitty cat got angry...
Nice dress code
A lot of monsters are ganging up on the party
Taking the voyage to different shores
A Celtic settlement discovered
Not all villages are shown in 3D, as you can see here
While this sounds just like the average "fetch quest" it is interesting to read the whole box...
Those bandits are nasty!
Hey, I've got Jesus in my party!
Look, he heals peo... ahh ... cats!
Rummaging through an old library
Deploying all magic tricks to tackle those monsters.
The Automap is very useful
Reaching the city of Beloveno
The city of Beloveno in all its 3D glory
2D dungeons are more of an exception in this game. Still, don't underestimate those traps in Arjano
A standard battle in an interior 3D location. Note the spell selection and spell levels displayed
These white crystals teleport you to the different continents later in the game
Pressure plates and dancing fires in a temple-like 3D dungeon
Ouch... this pesky guy is casting a spell. Note the status ailments of my characters!
Beautiful rocky area in Umajo
Staying at a rural inn. Ahh, cozy life...
Casting a fireball on a group of monsters
Splendidly decorated room in Khamulon
Tough human enemies in Kenget Kamulos 3D dungeon
Interesting interiors in a shop in one of the later areas
Another mysterious, exotic location on an island
Much later in the game, sci-fi scenario returns. You fight some of the toughest enemies here