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Alien Rampage Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Initial screen
Menu, with rotating skulls.
Storyline text, reminds of similar screens in Doom.
The help screen provides some background information about the story and the characters (shareware version).
Episode selection screen (shareware version).
This helpful native helps you escape imprisonment.
Barrels and crates can be explosively destroyed for bonus'.
Run and jump on moving platforms.
Local wildlife dies with explosive gore.
More helpful natives, this time giving you a boost up to the platform.
Climb, and shoot in multiple directions.
Further you go the stranger the bad guys get.
About to get hit with a blaster!
Behind those doors lie the first world's boss.
The Crash Site's boss. You already got a teaser that you'll beat him if you look at the background of the intro screen.
Did I miss something? When did we get to Castlevania?
Ow that stings!
The Temple Ruins' boss.
Jump aboard to mix things up a bit.
Suddenly the game becomes a shooter.
Boss of the Abandoned City. Now blow that thing and go home.
That's about to hurt quite a bit.
Shopkeepers like this will gladly take the cash you've found in exchange for ammo supplies for various weapons.
Homing missiles will hit monsters even if they are outside the direct line of fire.
The partial invisibility pickup allows to stay undetected for longer.
Level complete!
Untharian scavengers are rather tough enemies.