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Written by  :  Chris Sanicola (2)
Written on  :  Jan 25, 2003

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Great Idea; should do an updated "remake"

The Good

Graphics(for it's time) were excellent, as was the control scheme(most actions were done by moving and clicking the mouse). Sounds are also noteworthy.

The Bad

The fact that one little mistake would kill the entire party. For example, I was chatting with a cocooned person, outside of a hive area, and I still got killed by a single alien, without being givin the option to defend the group, since only the main character had a weapon at this point.

The Bottom Line

The game pretty much delivers a good experience. However, as I already stated, a little mistake can and usually will cost you the game. If you can look past this little drawback, however(as well as it's obivious age), then you can get a great experience out of the game. Being out of print, ebay is your best bet of finding a copy. Should be no more than $12 with shipping.