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atari missile command

Alone in the Dark Credits

39 people (35 developers, 4 thanks)


ProducerBruno Bonnell
Realized & Directed byFrédérick Raynal
First AssistantFranck De Girolami
ProgrammingFranck De Girolami, Frédérick Raynal
Production Designer (2D Graphics)Yaél Barroz, Jean-Marc Torroella
3D Modeling & AnimationDidier Chanfray
Original Music & Sound FXPhilippe Vachey
Mixed bySequence Coda
ScreenplayHubert Chardot, Franck Manzetti
Product Manager (US)Olivier Robin
Product Manager (EU)VĂ©ronique Salmeron-Genot
TranslationJohan K. Robson, Beate Vigliano-Reiter, ILS Lyon
Best BoysFrederique Bourgin, Lionel Frappé, Serge Plagnol
Special Thanks ToBernard Montibert, Eric Mottet, H. P. Lovecraft, Chaosium
JACK IN THE DARK and the CD-ROM conversionsFranck De Girolami, Vincent Terraillon, Patrick Charpenet, Hubert Chardot, Frederic Cornet, Christian Nabais, Christiane Sgorlon, Christophe Nazaret, Frederique Bourgin, Jean-Marie Nazaret, Jean-Christophe Blanc, Christophe Anton, Frédéric Mentzen, Olivier Robin, Edith Protiere, Pierre Schiro, Edouard Viollet, Bruno Bonnell, Eric Mottet, Olivier Goulay, Beate Vigliano-Reiter, Norbert Cellier
Cover Art (initial release)Gilles Francescano (uncredited)

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (66171), Freeman (65727), formercontrib (158030) and xroox (3957)

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