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Amberstar Credits

19 people


Original ConceptKarsten Köper
ProgrammingJurie Horneman
Additional ProgrammingMichael Bittner
Graphics / ArtworkMonika Krawinkel
Additional Graphics / ArtworkHenk Nieborg, Günter Schmitz, Erik Simon
Sound & MusicJochen Hippel
DocumentationJurie Horneman, Harald Uenzelmann
Manual Illustrations/PhotosMichael Hellmich, Richard Karsmakers, Dieter Rottermund
PlaytestingChi-Wai Cheung, Volker Dieffenbach, José Jurado, Erwin Kloibhofer, Arnd Kösling
MS-DOS ProgrammingFrank Ußner, Gino Fehr

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alexander Schaefer (2542) and mo  (1468)