Ancient Domains of Mystery Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
The main menu
The online manual -- available everywhere in the game
Creating a new character...
Character generation: selecting a race.
Character generation: selecting a class.
Character generation: a description of a character -- quite detailed!
Character generation: modifying attributes by questions, Ultima-like.
Character generation: choosing a talent.
The game starts!
Uh-oh, my new character is attacked by a grizzly bear...
Fighting the grizzly...
The grizzly won! Game summary on death.
The hall of fame
Entering a village.
Getting a quest from the village elder.
Entering a food shop -- important!
Hmm... where may these stairs lead?
In a dungeon, advancing to level 2.
Level advancement lets you improve skills.
The inventory
A BIG battle, a room full of goblins!