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Written by  :  mulayim (111)
Written on  :  Jun 11, 2006
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars2.8 Stars

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One of the first 4X games

The Good

It can be easily said that Andromeda Conquest is a revolutionary game.Why? Because this game is even older than the term "4X". Think about it; never before the player had to conquer, colonize and defend multiple planets in a computer game. As a fan of 4X games, I tracked down this one and played it for a while. I must say that its simple beauty surprised me. You have to colonize 10 planets as quickly as possible in single player and hold them for a single turn in multiplayer.. But first, you have to invade the planets for all the planets are taken. It can't be compared to modern games, but hey, it's a good start.

The Bad

Well, it is really hard to criticize this game. It's like criticizing someone old. Let's just respect this old gentleman. Yes, maybe the graphics(?) are outdated and you have to be quite lucky for winning, but that's all.

The Bottom Line

Grandfather of 4X games, Andromeda Conquest is a relic that should be respected. I strongly recommend it to 4X fans mainly because of it's historical importance. And if you are not a 4X fan, well, it's just not worth the effort.