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Anvil of Dawn Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Choose from 5 champions of different sex, origin and... height! Even a non-human! Sadly, only 3 voices are used...
From the Introduction Cinematic
Main Menu
A guard just doing his job
Meeting the local blacksmith
Example of the valuable auto-map feature
Another character introduces themselves
Come get some!
An enemy is defeated
The character management screen
An altar of magic
The dungeons aren't that small...
This type of inventory gets messy very quickly!
A handy journal automagically notes your quests
Each spell has its proper description
Traveling outside dungeons is done like in "Myst" (animations between forks in the road)
World map
You can hide the interface (only the cursor remains)
Game options
Behold, a wyvern!
Can this gargoyle talk?
One of the weirdest enemies: a Juggernaut, an immobile furnace animated by fire magic.
Beware Thunder Demon's ranged attack
Assigning weapons skills
Summoning a water demon... I mean: elemental!
Underwater combat with Lurking Claw
Undead sailors onboard a shipwreck - how appropriate
In the days of old, books were not only illuminating, but also illuminated...
You literally draw spell symbols in the air
Melee weapons found in the game are either axes/hammers, swords or spears.
Along the way you'll meed the other champions, as they embarked on this quest hours before you
Archery duel in the City of the Dead (note my magical crossbow)
No fantasy world is complete without a troll on the bridge.
Your new nightmare fuel: Aracinfant
Murk Elemental found in Quagmire
The Temple of the Moon looms in the distance.
You'll find the Hagborn quite ...electrifying! Expect resistance to lightning spells.
What a serene scenery!
Teleports act as shortcuts, but they can also zap you into a rolling boulder.
The entire game world is done in 3D video rendering, so you can see distant locations when standing on a high tower.