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atari breakout
Arcade Volleyball DOS Menu


Written by  :  Mickey Gabel (379)
Written on  :  Jan 09, 2000
Rating  :  1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars1.75 Stars

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Quite fun, despite its many hangups.

The Good

I remeber playing this for almost an hour straight with a friend, then stopping for a short break, then playing it again for another 30 minutes. No, I was not high. Its just that this game is so easy to play, and doesn't require a lot of attention, my friend and I talked while playing the game, and had a lot of laughs. This game also contains an outrageous amount of bugs, when compared to the exceedingly simple "physics model" - I giggle just at the thought of calling what this game uses a physics mode. You can play against the computer, although the "AI" (giggle) is as dumb as it gets.

But all and all, this game is a great thing to do while you are sitting with a friend and talking, or in computer class when the teacher isn't watching...

The Bad

Oh dear. Where to begin...

This game features an AI too stupid as you can knock a goal in one or two shots if you know where to stand, yet it is at the same time too smart since if you don't - you'll NEVER get a goal in. And of the the graphics. It looks like two cabbages playing a dumbed down version of squash, table tennis and volleyball combined. We actually called it "Cabbage" when we were kids. The only thing that looks right is the ball, but only as a screenshot - since it looks as if its turning when you play it. And its turning the wrong way.

And the bugs. So many of them. If the ball hit the net in the right angle when it is going just the right speed, it would simple go through it. And if you hit the ball just the right way it would go zooming on the screen so fast that you couldn't even see it until it hit the ground. And more and more bugs. I simply can't figure out how a basically simple, almost classic, ping-pong routine could go so wrong...

Thank the all mighty Zeus that the developers didn't try to add music to the game. That would have been truly horrible, if you judge from the sound effects quality.

The Bottom Line

This is pure gameplay. Like Tetris, only without the thinking parts. Or the addictive fun. Or the realistic graphics. Or the great music. Or the worthy AI. Well, its nothing like Tetris but it was still quite fun to play with a friend.

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