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Ark of Time Credits

32 people


Original ConceptEdoardo Gervino
Graphics / ArtworkMario Ricco, Tommaso Bennati
Additional Graphics / ArtworkNigel Brownjohn, Rupert Lewis Jones
Lead ProgrammingFabrizio Lagorio
Additional ProgrammingStephen N. Curtis, Anders Johansson, Francesco Piasso, Alessio Ricco
Writing / Dialogue / StoryStewart Bell, Bryn Isaac, Laura Sicignano
MusicLuigi Gaggero
SoundSilvia Dini, Amedeo Gaggiolo
PlaytestingMartin Blackmore, Colin Godley, Philip Green, Ian Weir
DirectorPietro Montelatici
Executive ProducerDeborah Isaac
Sound EngineersJohn Acock, Mike Cross
Voice TalentsRegina Candler, Clayton Mark, Bill Zone
Character ModelFabio Corica
Additional Text ByMartin Blackmore, Daniele Grignani, Stefania V Walhech
Data Compression ConsultantChristian Von Rouues
Recording StudioHighworth Production; Ten Pin Alley

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (222910), Delusion Master (133), formercontrib (158254) and Trixter (9110)